Rookie Artist Fat Cat Releases 2 New Teasers

4 Jan

Apparently some sensational new rookie artist debut sometime in September that I wasn’t aware of. I can understand why I missed the whole hullabaloo since that was the time I was moving into college, but I’m surprised that I didn’t know about Fat Cat sooner.

Fat Cat released two teasers for her upcoming album Is Being Pretty Everything”. Check them out below.

If it wasn’t for her past record, I would have just brushed these teasers aside as your generic flowery, fairy tale concept that is hot these days. However, I looked up some of her former performances and this is what I found:


It only took a couple plays for me to realize that I absolutely love her. First of all, there are so few female artists debuting these days, so she really stands out in the crowd. Secondly, I realized that she is particularly unique in the current Kpop scene because she is not wearing a dress, a skirt, some butt shorts, or…the color pink.

As for the song she performs, I Love a Bad Boy, it’s a pretty badass track. Although in my opinion, it has a little too much autotune, Fat Cat makes up for by performing such intensity. Her dance skills are boss (I loved the choreography) and her vocals are pretty awesome as well (in the non-autotuned parts).

The transformation she made since her debut is pretty startling, but it’s clear to see why she made such a splash in Korea and I can’t wait to see what her next album will be like.



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