The List: Temi’s Top 25 Songs of 2011

7 Jan

Although I’ll probably say this every year, I really feel as though 2011 was a great year for Kpop. So many artists had their debuts and comeback so there was a wealth of great music produced. 

I only did my top 25 songs partly because I wanted to highlight the few songs that I listened to the most this year and partly because I’m lazy hehe 🙂 I basically went through my iPod’s “My Top Rated” and “Top 25 Most Played” playlists to generate this list. Enjoy!

*I put the YouTube clips of the songs that aren’t as popular and well known as the others*

*Also, these songs are in no particular order*

  1. My Love-B1A4

As one of B1A4’s more serious works, My Love is an upbeat but emotionally provoking track that is a great display of the boys’ vocal capabilities.

2.       Back to You-B2ST

I was conflicted as to whether to pick this song or Fiction, but I have to say, Back To You with its fun and upbeat feel is my favorite B2ST song to date.

3.       It Hurts-Boni


Boni’s gorgeously clear voice, It Hurts is such a beautiful and sorrowful song that conveys a whole lot of emotion.

4.       Sixth Sense-Brown Eyed Girls

Sixth Sense is everything a comeback single should be: powerful, memorable, and vocally spectacular

5.       Lost In Love-Dalmatian


Lost In Love is a great depiction of Dalmatian’s playful and fun style; this song always cheers me up with every listen.

6.       Love, My Love-Davichi

Such a great feel good song in which Lee Hae Ri and Park Min Kyung’s vocally capabilities are at their bests.

7.       Anyong Anyong-Lucia/Epitone Project


Anyong Anyong is definitely my greatest discovery of the year; it is a dreamlike composition that incorporates gorgeous instrumentals in addition to Lucia’s sweet voice. (For the record, this song had 58 plays on my iPod)

8.       Hello Hello-F.T Island

In addition to the sheer awesomeness of Hong Ki’s voice, Hello Hello divergence from F.T. Island’s usual style makes for a great combination.

9.       Can U Smile-Infinite


As my all-time favorite Infinite song, Can U Smile is such a happy song that has a really awesome rap sequence and amazing vocals. (It took me a long time to decide between this and Tic Toc)

10.   Because-Jung In

Jung In at her best. Because is a calming and soothing song that showcases the beauty of Jung In’s vocals.

11.   You’re The Answer To a Guy Like Me-Leessang ft. Harim

This song is such a great fusion of old school and really old school. The fact that they flawlessly incorporate the amazing vocal capabilities of veteran singer Harim gives this song 5 stars in my book.

12.   Home-Tablo ft. Lee Sora

Another example of the beauty that comes from the combination of the old and new. In my opinion, Home is music at its best: beautiful haunting and though-provoking.

13.   It Can’t Be (It’s Not Working)-4Men


This song breaks my heart. It’s so emotional and heart wrenching the way it is sung. Truly a gem.

14.   Saying Goodbye With A Smile-Alex

I don’t know much about Alex, but this song is such a cute little tune that always brightens up my day.

15.   Love Song-Big Bang

My favorite song off of their newest album. Some really intense creative genius (G-Dragon) went into the creation this song, and some equally intense talent went into performing it.

16.   I Remember-Bang Young Guk

Definitely one of the best debut singles this year. The song stood out because of the unique combination of power rapping, heavy rock, and Yoseob’s emotional singing

17.   Imagine-C.N. Blue


As my favorite song off of C.N. Blue’s album, Imagine is a sweet soft rock tune you are sure to love.

18.   Officially Missing You-Geeks

This rap duo made it big with Officially Missing You. The song diverges from your typical rap song in its sweet and heartwarming lyrics and upbeat tempo.

19.   Love You-Lee Jung


Lee Jung’s powerful voice in the classic R&B song is nothing but perfection.

20.   Try-Tablo ft. Bumkey

Try is an emotional rollercoaster of a song that really depicts the pain that Tablo went through and his hope for his future.

21.   Please Don’t Go-San-E ft. Outsider and Changmin (2AM)

One of my favorite collaborations of the year. Please Don’t Go is a sweet and mournful song that is filled with all sorts of talent.

22.   Super Junior-Walkin’

Possibly my favorite SJ song to date. Walkin’ is a sweet, semi-sorrowful track that has that feel good factor.

23.   Neverland-UKISS

I didn’t know that U-KISS had it in them to produce such a hardcore dance track, but they somehow managed to perfect the art.

24.   Long Long Time (두고두고)-Wonder Girls

The Wonder Girls absolutely killed it with this lovely old school R&B track composed by the great JYP himself.

25.   Don’t Come Near Me-X-5


X-5 is a pretty underrated group right now, as this track illustrates, they have the vocal talent to make it to the top


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