[Album Review] MBLAQ- “100% Ver.” –Temi’s Review

9 Jan


MBLAQ is back even better than ever. The boys released their dynamic mini-album “100% Ver”, today. The album consists of five brand new singles, one of which was released a few days ago.


1.       Run

2.       It’s War

3.       Scribble

4. She’s Breathtaking

5.       Hello My Ex


We start out the album with “Run”, an intense track that is everything MBLAQ stands for: powerful beats, well-used auto tune, badass rapping on Mir’s part, and amazing mixing. The song starts out like a horror movie. Literally. There are screams and everything. Despite the liberal sound effects, “Run” is an extremely skillfully put together song; the verses blend with the ad-libs, which blend with the synths. Every spoken line is on point (my favorite being “I gotta love it and I gotta love my haters”). Definitely a great start to the album.

It’s War

Right from the start, it’s clear that “It’s War” is going to be an epic and tragic track. The initial strings coupled with military-like snare drums and minimal piano notes all add to the dramatic intensity. I don’t think I’ve ever heard MBLAQ sound any better vocally; the group is notorious for weak vocals, but this time round, even Thunder has some poignant points that gave me goosebumps. Although I didn’t necessarily like Mir’s rap in this one (it felt like he was just screaming the whole time), the vocals of the other members make up for it. The lyrics tell the story of how the narrator was forced to watch as his friend stole his girlfriend from him. In the end, the friend made the girl suffer so now the narrator is unable to forgive his friend for making her cry. It is an extremely powerful concept that is portrayed excellently by MBLAQ.

The cinematography and storyline of the MV is amazing. I am normally not impressed with your typical epic gunfight MV, but the emotions displayed in “It’s War” moved me.

Scribble was reviewed in a separate post my Clarence here


She’s Breathtaking

AHAHAHA 🙂 the transition from “It’s War” to “Jittery Girl” really threw me off. If “It’s War” was an heavy and ultra-serious track, “She’s Breathtaking” is a light, fluffy one. This isn’t MBLAQ’s style at all, but they somehow manage to sing this song perfectly. You kind of get that Jackson 5 “ABC” vibe, but it’s a great song nonetheless. The opening lyrics really cracked me up:

“Hey, don’t you think your skirt is a bit too short?”

“You’ve never bought me anything so why are you saying that?”

“Well… do I only have to buy you stuff?”

“Yeah, talk to me when you buy things for me because you’re annoying me.”

“No, I just worry that you’ll catch a cold…”


Hello My Exo

“Hello My Ex” is a really sweet track that has a Western style to it. It’s smooth and refreshing in a way completely different from “She’s Breathtaking”. Although Thunder’s narrative downgraded the entire song, I really loved the acoustic/synthetic fusion here; it’s a pretty genius concept

I have to say that I was blown away by MBLAQ’s comeback. It’s surprising that every single song on this album had that wow-factor when you usually only get that one or two songs on every album. Each member’s voice improved dramatically since their last few releases. I always thought that MBALQ’s weak vocals and live performances were the only things holding them back from hitting it big. Now, all that’s left for them to perfect is their live stages! At the moment, Clarence and I are debating whether this album is better than their previous album “Mona Lisa”. MBLAQ verged into totally different genres (indie/rock/ballad/pop) from what we’re used to hearing from them. While they did well there, I personally think MBLAQ shines the brightest when they release intense tracks such as “Y”, “Stay”, “Again”, and “It’s War”. What do you think?

 Rating: 4.7/5

 Check out the lyrics here

Lyrics Credit: pop!gasa


[Album Review] MBLAQ- “100% Ver.”


One Response to “[Album Review] MBLAQ- “100% Ver.” –Temi’s Review

  1. Lava January 10, 2012 at 9:15 am #

    I like your review of the songs, but there’s two things that I don’t agree with, firstly, I think jittery girl might not be mblaqs usual style of song, but it does sound like an mblaq song, if there’s one thing they’re really good at, it’s making sure that their songs all have a distinct mblaq sound.
    The second thing is, mblaq don’t have bad vocals honestly, seungho and g.o have been pretty flawless on stage for a long time now, at least a year they’ve been doing great, with joon, while he started out really bad live, he’s been pretty good since last year, cheondung is admittedly the weakest live and probably always will be, I’m waiting to see if he’ll ruin the sound of it’s war when they sing it live, and mir’s a rapper and has always been fine live so can’t comment. That’s one point in the article that I really just didn’t agree with, I’ve heard a lot worse live groups, and I’ve never seen mblaq as being ‘notorious’ for being vocally weak, especially as they have G.O, have you seen him on immortal song?? He pretty much has a reputation for flawless singing.
    Other than that it’s a nice review and I enjoyed reading it =)

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