[Update] I Give Up: How SM Has Failed Me Yet Again

10 Jan

No. Freaking. Way. That’s it,  I’m done. I’m done with SM, Kpop, and music in general. (but not actually, I’m just ranting :))

It was just released that the group that everyone has been raving about, EXO, now has 12 members. TWELVE. You know how we thought there were only going to be 4 members before??? Yeah, well multiply that by 3. I don’t know why I feel so decieved by SM, but they’re feeling a lot of hate from me right now. Remember that post I wrote, “Exo: There’s Hope for Kpop“?? Well I lied. There is no hope.

Now, this isn’t necessarily the end of the world, but it’s extremely upsetting to see that the ginourmous amount of talent that we’ve seen from members of EXO, Tao, Kai, Chen, and Lu Han, are all going to be buried underneath the baggage that comes with being a TWELVE MEMBER GROUP. To be perfectly honest, I am not excited to see another Super Junior. Not at all. Out of the 7 previous teasers that SM has released, their golden boy, Kai, has starred in 6 of them. The stunning vocal talent of Chen and the existence of Lu Han and Se Hun have  been covered up by all the hype over Kai. If at the micro level (5 members), talent is already being hidden from the public, what can we say about a group with 12 members?

And it’s disappointing to know that although they have already released 7 teasers for only 5 members, we have at least 38290-1290 more to come, 97% will most likely star Kai.

Then again, we also have to keep in mind that they will debuting in separate groups: EXO-M and EXO-K, but I still don’t like the idea of such a large group.

Here’s the breakdown of EXO-M and EXO-K:

Kai (Teaser 1)
Jino (SM the Ballad)
ChanYeol (SNSD Genie Japanese Ver.)


Lu Han (Teaser 2)
Tao (Teaser 3)
Chen (SBS Gayo Daejun)
Yixing (Substituted for Jonghyun in SHINeeWorld Concert)

That being said, I have to say that this was a  very cool teaser (Yes, SM, you impressed me). I loved the whole night ambiance thing going on with Se Hun standing on the face of a clock (symbolism alert! 12 hours, 12 members, very clever). There is no denying that EXO is going to be an amazing group that is extremely talented, but I was really really looking forwards to falling in love with each member of the group. Now that’s going to be difficult. Possible, but difficult.




2 Responses to “[Update] I Give Up: How SM Has Failed Me Yet Again”

  1. Michelle January 11, 2012 at 1:02 am #

    when did you get that impression? EXO was always touted as a male SNSD, so I figured 9+ members was a given, especially since they are promoting simultaneously in China and Korea, they need more than 5 members in each country at least, so that would be 10 members at least!

    SM just seems to have a love fest for certain EXO members =.=


  2. Jennifer January 11, 2012 at 8:15 pm #

    I’m pretty sure EXO was always set to be quite a big group from the beginning so I don’t think it was a disappointment at all for most of us that there were going to be 12 members. Considering it’s two groups, that’s 6 members a group, a pretty normal size for a boyband. It reminds me a bit of 2am and 2pm and how they come together to make Oneday.

    SeHun and LuHan are so adorable <33 It's kinda exciting to see trainees like Moonkyu and Jino debuting (thought Jino's hardly a trainee anymore) after hearing so much about them.

    Excited for this group! SM needs to stop teasing us!

    [[ They never promoted f(x) this much when they debuted =( ]]

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