SM Releases Yet Another EXO Teaser Featuring Kai

10 Jan

Okay SM, we’re getting tired over here. We’ve seen wayyy too many EXO teasers featuring your golden boy, Kai.

This time around, the teaser showcases the dance moves of Kai and newly introduced member, Se Hun (17).Check it out below.

I found that I am not alone with my annoyance at SM throwing Kai in our face every two seconds. Although the guy can dance, there is literally no need for SM to release 6+ teasers of him dancing.

Here are some netizens; responses:

“Exo-K(ai) …………… Exo-M(ore Kai)”

“True fact: More hate=more popularity”

“SM, Y U NO release a group teaser??!!!”

“oh SM, you made Kai the most hated among your artists, saaaaad :(((“

I kind of feel bad for Kai since he already has so many antis,  but SM really needs to tone down with his teasers. It would be nice to see all of the other remarkable talent in EXO. Let’s just hope for the best.



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