WTF of the Week: Sunny Hill’s “In Praise of the Grasshopper”

11 Jan

Sunny Hill has released a teaser for their new single “In Praise of the Grasshopper” and let me tell you, it’s an interesting one.

The concept is based off one of Aesop’s fables that tells the story of how an ant worked all summer while the grasshopper played around. When winter arrived, the ant had enough supplies to live off of while the grasshopper had nothing.

Sunny Hill’s videos are always awesomely crazy and wonky (i.e Midnight Circus and Mama Mia) and I’m sure this one is not going to disappoint. I love how all the voices in the entire teaser were all helium-style. Everything is just that much funnier high pitch. The premise of the teaser is that Narsha is the Queen Ant who is giving the Best Ant Award to one of her factory employees. She then goes on to rant for an entire minute about how she isn’t appreciated or recognized enough.

It’s weird, its strange, and it’s Sunny Hill. Look out for the single on January 13th. 🙂





















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