Where Did We Go!?

2 Feb

“What the hell happened?”

That’s the first thought that came to mind when I visited this site, which admittedly, I have not done in quite some time because of prior commitments and obligations that come with such a heavy load of coursework. Of course, I didn’t have this problem last semester. Yes, I had Calculus, Macroeconomics, a literature class called Reflections of American Theater on Society, and Elementary Japanese. However, none of those classes, at least in my opinion, took so much of my time away as to prevent me from writing. I even managed to go to the gym frequently back then on top of keeping up with my dramas, hanging out with friends, and writing about this blog.

Then that tumultuous week of Finals took most of my time away from this blog. Studying took much of my time, as it should, considering I am a college student first and a blogger second. That is not to say that I was completely removed from the world of K-pop and entertainment. I was just not as particularly invested in listening to K-pop (!), watching dramas (!!), or paying attention to anything Korea-related (!!!).

So I admit that that break time away from Kpop and writing about Kpop was quite relaxing. I got to a certain point where I just was writing a blog post simply to keep the appearance that yes, there are people behind the screen writing and contributing to this blog. Writing lost its fun and its ability to help me excise my thoughts, criticisms (my favorite), and my admiration. It became a tenuous and often boring “job”–something that I feared would happen if I started a blog. Not only that, I was writing because I am half of a blog; my friend Temi and I share equal responsibility for this and I didn’t want to let her down.

The winter break only spurred my disinterest in writing save for the few moments where I delighted in sharing my lists of favorites. But on top of that, my spring semester is bound to be front-loaded with more reading, more essays, and homework. Just on Friday I had to read a 220-page book for one class in addition to the 40-pg reading I had to do for another. I set myself up for that; I wanted a challenge and I thoroughly got one. But as it is, the more time I spent doing homework, the less time I had for other fun stuff, including blogging.

I even stopped watching my dramas, which I built a schedule for only to watch that schedule crumble below the weight of my schoolwork. Thus, I stopped. I stopped writing and I stopped paying attention to K-pop.

I haven’t written anything for almost a month now, since school started actually. It was relaxing, at the very least, to not think about what to write for tomorrow. But at the same time, I lost a part of me. Ironically, by staying away from K-pop, I missed it, by refusing to visit Korean news sites, I thought more about them, and by denying myself dramas, I grew more fond of them.

So here I am again fully energized after a three-week hiatus from the world of Korean entertainment. What spurred this sudden shift back to loving K-pop? Three things: one, I miss History of the Salaryman and Wild Romance and I am dying to watch Flower Boy Band and Dream High 2; two, I LOVE LOVE LOVE Se7en’s new album and is quite elated by EXO’s new song despite what I parse as an active distaste by legions of K-pop listeners who think they’re not impressive; and three, watching SNSD perform on David Letterman underwhelmed me enough to want to voice my criticism. Indeed, I visited allkpop recently and found it difficult to catch up with the three weeks worth of news without having to spend hours reading all of those silly articles. So I apologize in advance if I miss interesting new releases on account of me not paying attention.

This is all a long-winded way of saying, I am back and I apologize for not writing. I may not write as frequently as last semester due to my busy work, but I will write, only for the sake of keeping my sanity in tact when I’m about to break from the crushing schoolwork.

Best regards,



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