What I Like About Shut Up: Flower Boy Band

11 Feb

Alright, so judging from the title of this post, I should be writing about the new drama “Shut Up: Flower Boy Band“, right? WRONG. This is going to be a OMG-I-LOVE-LEE-MIN-KI-SO-MUCH-AND-HE-IS-SUCH-AN-AMAZING-ACTOR-I-THINK-I-WANT-TO-MARRY-HIM post. Just warning you before hand.

As I mentioned in my last post, what really got me to end my writing hiatus was this new show, “Shut Up: Flower Boy  Band (hereon referred to as FBB cuz I don’t feel like tying the whole thing out hehe). From afar, FBB is your average high school/music/teen angst drama. After watching the first two episodes, I now know that this is anything but average. I am not quite sure when last I felt so emotionally attached to a drama before, but this one is pretty tight.

We premier with Joo Byung Hee (played awesomely by Lee Min Ki), the leader of the 6-member rock band “Eye Candy”. With a handheld camera, his hilarious introduction of the members gives us some insight into each of their philosphies:

Ji Hyuk(Sung Joon)Guitarist- “I’m in a band because I like it”

Hyun Su (Infinite’s L. *squeal*)Second Guitarist-“Honestly, doesn’t everyone want to hit it big?”

Do Il (played by Lee Hyun Jae)-is the group’s drummer: “that kid is always so serious

Ha Jin-(Yoo Min Kyu) bassist and resident playboy:”why am I in a band? The ladies love it.”

Kyung Jong (Kim Min Sook)Keyboard-“I’m gonna make it big and earn lots of money!”

And last but not least: Byung Hee (Lee Min Ki) -“Our wacko leader, shut up and let’s go!”

The six boys have an inseparable friendship; and although they are all scrounging for money, they know how to have fun on stage. They each have pretty rough lives (absent parents, homeless, etc). but it’s clear that they stick together as a family. As the story goes, their run-down high school is closing down and they are all being relocated to the prestigious Jung Sang high school, home of the rich kids. Although they’re relieved that all six members are going to the same school, they are pretty bummed by the fact that they have to find the funds for 6 $300 uniforms in addition to a new drum set. Jung Sang’s resident band, Strawberry Fields already dissed them by destroying their instruments, so the tension is high.

To add to the situation, Byung Hee declares that his new muse is Soo Ah, the semi-girlfriend of the leader of Strawberry Fields.

I am not going to give away any more plot spoilers, but instead, I ‘ll write about what really captivated me about FBB.

First and formost, Byung Hee/Lee Min Ki: Whoever was in charge of casting him was an absolute genius. As the slightly insane head of the band, Byung Hee illustrates his carefree yet thoughtful leadership in the strangest ways. The guy is absolutely  bonkers. I love how he continuously refers to himself as a “free spirit”, using it as an excuse for his crazy actions such as his obsession with eyeliner.

It’s really cute how all the members are accustomed to his ways, yet still stare in disbelief when he does something over the top. One of my favorite scenes was when Byung Hee valiantly declares that they will all quit school, right now. The boys don’t blink an eyelid and Ji Hyuk replies: “Let’s think about it again after lunch. You’ll change your mind when you’re full”. 🙂

It was hilarious when Byung Hee, who was forced to escape in a dress after sleeping with his homeroom teacher’s daughter, forces a class mate to switch attire with him. The school’s head honcho confronts him saying:

Bully: You made him like this??

Byung Hee: Yep

Bully: You want to die?!

Byung Hee: Yes

A fight ensues where Eye Candy easily beats up the others. It’s kind of jarring how quickly the boys turn from happy-go lucky to super scary thugs.

The dynamic of the whole drama is comedy mixed with a little but of dark humor. Although the boys themselves are funny, the drama makes not effort to cover up the harsh realities of life.

When Ji Hyuk spends the night in a tunnel, or Hyung Soo witnesses his parents getting berated by their employer, there is no attempt to pretty-up the situation.


At the end of episode, I literally started crying right here in the library. In the perfect drama world, Byung Hee would have come out victorious against the thugs and gone on to win the battle of the bands. Instead, he gets killed. Although the abrupt scene broke my heart, I appreciate the drama taking us to a different place. Instead of putting  unrealistic motives in place like most dramas do, the remaining  boys of Eye Candy now have a reason to succeed.

The first few episodes briefly dip into the back stories of a few of the members, and I am pretty excited for the rest of the members. The drama is off to a great start, and if you haven’t already check it out. It’s definitely a keeper.



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