Top Ten Tuesdays: Ten Big Bang Solo Material

28 Feb

Hee!!!! Obviously I’m squealing with delight over the new Big Bang album even if it’s considerably uneven compared to past work (more on that in the actual review) because Big Bang is my favorite group. Since Temi has already compiled a list of the Top 10 Big Bang songs in honor of their European Award back in the fall, I offer my ten favorite Big Bang solo material. While Big Bang is definitely a great five-member group, they also shine individually, meaning there is more for us fans to love. After that, I’ll give you my 10 favorite Big Bang songs.

10. Daesung – “Look at Me, Gwisun”

I have to admit, this song is particularly kitschy.  It’s a very strange track that is meant to appeal to an older crowd while at the same time, it’s innocuous fun for younger audiences. Nonetheless, it is a FUN track. Daesung has the charisma and the vocal chops to make it sound so innocent and fun-loving as it is. Watching him perform it is more special because Daesung is so funny and physical onstage.

9. Seungri – “White Love”

Seungri does so well with midtempo tracks that evoke a sense of romance. I love the background vocals here so much because they harmonize so well with Seungri’s colorful tone. Seungri isn’t the best singer but he definitely shines in this track.

8. TOP – “Turn It Up”

TOP is the official sexpot of Big Bang and it’s no wonder; with his smoky eyes, powerful, deep-toned voice, and intense rap delivery, TOP would make anyone melt. This song, the closest to dirty that any of these five members get, is a perfect amalgamation of star power and creativity. Plus, the monkey in that video is just badass.

7. G-Dragon – “Heartbreaker”

Who cares if it sounds like Flo Rida’s song (well I do, actually but that’s besides the point), G-Dragon is a true soloist at heart. Ironically, his solo material isn’t my favorite but if only for one song, G-Dragon would win me over with this song. It sounds like an excessive display of techno and auto-tune and for once, it actually works for me.

6. Taeyang – “Look Only at Me”

Arguably, the most successful of the five soloist, Taeyang is a beautiful singer and he, more than any of the group, have capitalized on his talent and personality as a solo singer. This song is his breakout solo track and it’s understandable. Taeyang is a perfect R&B singer and I can’t help but compare him to Usher in this track. His voice is rich with emotion and depth; his lyrics are heartfelt; and the music is a fine line between dance track and a ballad.

5. Seungri – “Strong Baby”

The day that the maknae of the group became a soloist was the day that he became a man. This song is dripping with sex appeal and charisma, I can hardly believe they don’t give him the opportunity to shine as much in their group songs. I love every bit of cockiness that Seungri is delivering.

4. Daesung – “Baby Don’t Cry”

This song is such an unheralded triumph for Daesung. It’s a beautiful and moving piece filled with emotional honesty and poignancy that one cannot help but be moved while listening to it. Daesung is a gifted singer capable of moving you with his rich tone.

3. GD&TOP – “High High”

Bam! Nothing gets you jumping more than this track. It’s perfect for dancing, bopping, drinking, whatever. I love the swagger that both rappers deliver to the track.

2. Seungri – “What Can I Do”

It was really hard to decide between my top two because they’re both important to me in different ways. “What Can I Do” happens to be my one of my favorite K-pop songs all time and that says a lot. Seungri is in fine form here, injecting urgency with every word he utters and every note he hits. This is star charisma to the max.

1. Taeyang – “Wedding Dress”

As conflicted as I was choosing between my two favorite tracks, Taeyang managed to pull through in the end. “Wedding Dress” is a special track that reached many worldwide fans (I heard it playing in a McDonalds in New York!) and I am in love with this track. This is a shining example of Taeyang’s vocal capabilities mixed with his R&B sensibilities and lyrical genius. I love every little nuance in it. Without a doubt, my favorite solo song from all of Big Bang’s members.

As for my top ten Big Bang songs, they go something like: 10. Lalala, 9. A Fool’s Only Tears 8. Cafe 7. Blue 6. Tonight 5. Sunset Glow 4. Let Me Hear Your Voice 3. Last Farewell 2. Lies 1. Haru Haru



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