[Album Review] Infinite-INFINITIZE

14 May

So I’m back whoooo!!

My apologies for the extended hiatus. However, I am now free from the paws of calculus, statistics, and economics so let the blogging commence!

What could possibly be a better way to an awesome blogging comeback than to write about an awesome musical comeback?

Infinite returned to the music scene today with their mini–album: INFINITIZE. Given that Infinite has never failed in producing high quality albums, I am so excited for this one!!


1. Infinitize

2. The Chaser

3. Feel So Bad

4. In the Summer

5. Only Tears

6. I Like You

7. With…


I can never stop saying how stellar Infinite’s vocals are. Although the majority of this intro is a mesh of synths and beats, the latter part is an amazing compilation of vocal awesomeness. With layers upon layers of voices building up into one melody, there is so much tension captured in a short 57 seconds that the track leaves you a little bit breathless. Great start to the album.

The Chaser (Title Track)

They’re killing me. Infinite is seriously one of the greatest and most underrated groups in KPop today. The Chaser showcases how much they have perfected the art of technopop. The echoed voices and stringed synths all lend to that familiar late 80s, early 90s sound that we all know and love. The boys of Infinite illustrate their great vocal technique with the strong drawn out lines, on point adlibs, and amazing rhythm. With nearly tangible energy in every line, The Chaser is a great choice of a title track.

Feel So Bad

Feel So Bad switches things up by going for the mellower and easier going feel The track contained a somewhat fantasy sound to it and I loved the delicate harmonies laced throughout the melody supplemented by the abundance of falsetto. It comes as a surprise to hear Infinite utilize falsetto since I have only heard them use it twice before. I can’t say I loved this track, but the instrumentals were a pretty interesting combination of smooth jazz, light techno, and some really pretty piano sequences. Throughout the track, I felt as though most of the vocals had the feel of backup singers, which isn’t necessary a bad thing, just not my cup of tea.

In the Summer

I think I’m love. And if I’m not, I will play this song on replay when I am. Every good album (at least in my opinion) has a track similar to In the Summer. Remember CN Blue’s “Imagine”, Super Junior’s “Walkin’” and 2NE1’s “Lonely” and SHINee’s “In My Room”? They all have this really sweet yet sorrowful sound that really pulls at your heartstrings. In the Summer may possibly be one of my favorite tracks of this album. I loved how Sungyeol, L, and Sungjung brought in the first verse. Unlike the main vocalists, these three have much more delicate and unrefined voices that really fit the tone of this song. Woohyun and Sungkyu then take over the chorus with their more powerful vocals. I love everything about this song, right down to the angelic backing vocals during the chorus. Definitely a great listen.

Only Tears

Hmmm. I am a little puzzled by this track. It is absolutely gorgeous; everything about it is perfect and beautiful, except…the vocals. Surprisingly enough, I wasn’t too impressed with the boys’ vocals in this track. L starts out the song moderately, but Dongwoo’s highly contrasting voice kind jolts you out of place. Dongwoo actually has a great voice, but the contrast between his voice and L’s is too great. There were so many notes that were pitchy throughout the song that I could barely concentrate. Instead of showcasing the boys vocals, the simplicity of the instrumentals actually outshone the boys’ voices. Although Only Tears has the potential to be a great song, the execution was poorly done.

I Like You

I love how we’re getting a lot of falsetto in this album. Unlike many other KPop boy bands these days, Infinite doesn’t overuse, they utilize in just the right places. I Like You is a sweet but fun track that doesn’t necessarily embody absolute music genius, but is the type of song that sticks with you and puts a little spring in your step throughout the day. I absolutely love the intro and chorus. In fact, I’m humming it right now 🙂


Sungyeolie!! My baby finally gets an entire line to himself! As I mentioned before, Sungyeol is one of the vocalists in Infinite who does not get as much spotlight or singing time, so it was refreshing to hear him shine. With is a beautiful ballad slightly reminiscent of the late nineties (think NSYNC). Although it is a kind of damper to the end of the album, I still love this track. Woohyun really shone throughout the chorus and the closing. His deep voice adds a gorgeous depth to an already gorgeous piece.

All in all INFINITZE was a great mini-album. As with all Korean artists, I would love if Infinite would release a full album instead, but that’s a whole different story. With their prior success with”Be Mine”, Infinite set a high bar for their comeback. I am yet to see their live performances, but based off the quality of this album, I am sure they will succeed again. Even though Only Tears marred the album’s perfection, I absolutely loved every other track. A great return for Infinite and I look forward to their future endeavors!

Rating: 4.4/5.0

Don’t forget to support Infinite by purchasing their album on YesAsia



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