[Review Bites] Baek Ji Young and MC Sniper

17 May

So Clarence and I have been out for a while, and we’ve missed a whole lotta music and drama releases. Since it’s virtually impossible to blog about them all in depth, we’re going to post small Review Bites of music, dramas, and news that we found interesting.

First up: Baek Ji Young and MC Sniper!

Baek Ji Young-Voice ft. Gary

The queen of ballads is back again with Voice, a beautiful track released early from her upcoming album.  Baek Ji Young’s voice has this haunting quality to it that is perfect for ballads, and she utilizes it well in this piece. I felt as though she was channeling Leona Lewis a little bit, but she still brought her familiar vocal technique to the son.Although I usually enjoy Gary’s raps, this one felt a little out of place. However, Voice doesn’t fail to meet the high standards set by Baek Ji Young in the past.
MC Sniper-I Can Do It
I am struck speechless by the beauty and complexity of this music video. I wasn’t really expecting much when I heard that MC Sniper had released an animated video, but it completely blew me away. The story line was simple yet touching, and the visuals were breathtaking. The track itself was magnificent, but I felt as though it was overshadowed by the genius visuals and instrumentals. I’ve always admired the manner in which MC Sniper brings such depth and emotion to his raps; the repeated lines of “I can do it” really convey the hope and desperation the protagonist feels in the movie.
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