SuPearls Magic

24 May

Although I’m not really one for following Korean variety shows, an article about the finalists on K-Pop Star recently caught my attention.

K-Pop Star is a show similar to American Idol where idol hopefuls are given the chance to showcase their talents infront of industry names: J.Y Park (JYPE), Yang Hyun Seuk (YG) and BoA (SM). The contestants were given the challenge of grouping up and jointly performing a song and the four-girl group named SuPearls definitely blew both the judges and viewers away. Check out their performance below.

Yep. These girls have definitely got talent. They all posses that deep, husky R&B voice that is so rarely heard in Kpop. Apparently, YG is planning on debuting all of them in one group (with the exception of one member who he is replacing) which is a pretty good deal all around. YG literally has success with all the groups that he has created (with the exception of Swi T.) so I’m sure SuPearls is going to be a hit.

YG even likened the group to Big Bang, saying: “The Big Bang boys faced so much criticism for not being “idol-like” in the beginning, and it pained me to hear that,” says Yang, “But, like SuPearls, they worked hard each and every single day to succeed in the industry. SuPearls’ success today made me think of the day when I said to myself: ‘Big Bang made it. They survived”

I’m pretty excited, however, I’m not too fond of the group name. I don’t even know what it means. It may possibly be some twist on the word super but it’s ambiguous. Also, I personally think it’s pretty awesome that Michelle Lee, an African-American Korean, made it that far in the contest. It’s no secret that Korea is a pretty xenophobic nation, so it’s impressive how Michelle’s amazing talent overcame barriers. In fact, allkpop published a pretty spot-on opinion piece on why Michelle didn’t win the contest, but I’ll save that discussion for another blog post.

What do you guys think? Will SuPearls be a hit or miss?




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