[Album Review] Leessang-Unplugged Part 2

1 Jun

Okay we’re back with Part 2 of the Leessang’s Unplugged Album Review! I’ve already written that opening paragraph thingy in the Part 1 of the review so you can read that here.

Onwards march!

I Guess Everyone Changes (Feat. Jung In, Simon D & Bobby Kim)

Even the title of this track, I Guess Everyone Changes embodies the melancholic and gorgeous feel of this song. The smooth jazz ballad features the talented vocals of Jung In, Simon D, and Bobby Kim. I’m just going to make the assumption that the first voice we hear is Simon D’s, the second, Gil’s, third is Bobby Kim, and finally Jung In. I’ve never heard Simon D singing, so I was pleasantly surprised by his deep vocals (I almost mistook him for Gil haha).  There are some amazingly simple harmonies that blend right in with minimal instrumentals. A melodic and calming ballad, I Guess Everyone Changes is definitely on my top 5 for this album.

Follow the Star … (Voice: jyubi)

Okay, Follow the Star kind of threw me a bit; it was essentially just an electric guitar, some cinematic sounds, and this random guy talking. I have no idea what he’s saying, but for some reason, I can’t find the translation anywhere on the internet. Post them below if you find them cuz now I’m curious!

Casanova (featuring. Juvie Train of Buga Kingz)

I wasn’t really feeling Casanova too much. The song followed the same melodic bassline that we’ve heard throughout the album, but it wasn’t really working here. I felt as though the song was a bit corny and not all that exciting. There’s not much to say about the track except “meh”.

Gary and Gil… The Third Story

Although I personally love this song, I feel as though it is virtually a copy of previous songs on this album. It’s pretty to listen to, it gives off this awesome mellow vibe, and Gil rocks out on the chorus while Gary takes hold of the verses. Unfortunately, this track does not do much for the overall album. That said, it is a very nice song, but it isn’t anything ground breaking.

I Want To Cry

Another mellow song, full of warm tones and calming vocals. At this point, I Want To Cry is an unwelcome track because I feel as though I have literally heard it five times before. Nothing much to say here.

Bururi (featuring. Jung In)

I may be a bit biased, but anything that has Jung In’s voice is automatically super-awesome in my book. Bururi is a song bursting with energy and passion and is easily my favorite song in the entire album. With breathtaking intensity, track utilizes a thumping baseline, powerful vocals, and a haunting melody to create a nearly tangible feeling of power. Props again to Jung In because her vocal expression is really what made the song. The album couldn’t have ended on a better not and Bururi leaves us with the taste of what’s to come.




Although it takes a super-long time to review, it is extremely refreshing to have a Korean artists put out a full-length album. A good majority of all KPop albums are “mini-albums” that contain less than five songs which can be extremely frustrating when it is from your favorite artist. The beauty of full-length albums is illustrated in Unplugged; within the 13 tracks, Leessang is able to showcase a variety of songs while still sticking to the “theme” of the album. There is also a lot more room to have different artists featuring in songs which is an aspect that really spiced up this album.

I loved the fusion of jazz, classical, rock, punk, and almost every genre of music out there. It made for a unique blend of tracks and essentially created a diverse and musically interesting album. The downfall of Unplugged was definitely the stark similarities between certain songs such as I Want to Cry, Gary and Gil…Third Story, and My Love. It’s not that those songs were bad, it was just a wee bit repetitive.

That being said, the album as a whole was a success, not one of their best albums, but a good one all the same.

What do you think? Was this a hit or miss for Leessang?

Rating: 4.2/5




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