[Album Review] Big Bang-Still Alive (Special Edition)

5 Jun

It must be Christmas. My alltime favorite Korean group, Big Bang, is back again with the Special Edition of their previously released Alive album!

Even though technically, this is just an extended addition of the former album, it feels like they released a brand new mini album so Temi is very happy.

Also, sorry about the delay with this review, but better late than never!

And if you didn’t read our review of Alive, check it out here!

Review, Start!


*New Tracks in Bold*

06. BLUE
07. 빙글빙글(BINGLE BINGLE) 
08. EGO
09. 사랑먼지 (LOVE DUST)


Still Alive

So when I heard Still Alive as an intro on the original album, I wasn’t really taken. I thought it lacked that wow factor that an intro is supposed to have. Hearing the full version has totally changed my opinion. The dynamic verses, bridges, and raps, add a lot of depth and fun to the track. And even though I’m a tad bit biased, did anyone else think T.O.P’s rap was craaaay?? Also, Seung Ri’s vocals has never sounded better and I’m still baffled by the clarity of Taeyang’s singing/rapping despite the rapid tempo.


I have so much to say about Monster that I made a separate post here!


Alright, so after an emotionally draining song, Feeling is a fun and welcome change. That being said, I’m not a big fan of the song. It’s not that it’s a bad song, but its level of epicness pales in comparison to Monster or Still Alive. GD’s rap was particularly awesome, but I felt as though the rest of the members weren’t really feeling it (hehe pun).

Bingle Bingle

For some odd reason, I was expecting Bingle Bingle to be an extension of GD and TOP’s “Knock Out”. (Probably cuz the song ends with GD saying “bingle bingle” haha). The track is upbeat and a fun listen; it bordered somewhere between rock and pop which is a familiar place for Big Bang. Interestingly enough, the only part of the song that I really disliked was Daesung’s solo; it felt so corny and stiff which was surprising coming from him.


I loved the mellow vibe of Ego. The song was a nice display of the boys’ vocals without being too flashy. Despite not knowing what GD was saying before looking up the lyrics (which were nicely color-coded here), I liked the catchy tone of the song and found myself jamming to it within the first 20 seconds.


All in all, I have to say that Monster really made this album for me. Without it, the album would have been mediocre at best. Bingle Bingle, Ego and Feeling are all good songs, but not ones that that I’m going to buy on iTunes. However, Still Alive and Monster are definitely going to make in my top (insert number) KPop songs of the year.

What do you think? Was it worth Big Bang releasing Still Alive?

Rating: 4.6/5.0

Don’t forget to purchase the album on iTunes or on YesAsia (this version comes with a whole bunch of Big Bang goodies)



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