[Review] Big Bang-Monster

5 Jun

There are some pieces of music that make you feel like you’ve never felt sadness, happiness, or anger before. Yes, it’s corny, but sometime music has that power to bring out emotions in you. Monster is one of those songs that is crafted in such a way that you are literally speechless throughout its duration.

I’ve known that Big Bang is an extremely talented group backed by an extremely talented producer, but I wasn’t aware that they were on this level. I can confidently say that Monster may be the best track that they have ever released. Every aspect of the song fits together perfectly to form a remarkably sorrowful and heart wrenching piece; T.O.P’s moving dialogue, Daesung’s electric chorus, the throbbing bassline, the melodic strings, and the piercing piano lines are only a few of the aspects of this track that make it high up in my list of favorite songs ever.

As for the MV…wow. I’ve never doubted YG’s creativeness with their music videos, but Monster is on a whole different level. I’m still trying to decide whether I love it or hate it, but here’s my conflict: the premise of the MV, a scientific experiment gone wrong, isn’t original at all. However, Big Bang’s take on it is a piece of cinematic genius that holds a light to the song itself. On the other hand (yes, I have three hands), there were some effects in the MV that either had me closing my eyes in disbelief while others made my eyeballs pop out (in a good way)

What I Like


What I Didn’t Like

So yeah, the good definitely outweighs the bad, so I think I love this MV 🙂

Photo Credits: Forever GDragon


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