[Review] Cross Gene-La-Di Da-Di

7 Jun

Among the torrential flood of new artists and groups debuting this summer, I briefly heard about the new boy group, Cross Gene, but didn’t think much of it. Even though I thought it was a pretty interesting idea to create a group of three different nationalities (Korean, Chinese, and Japanese), I didn’t check them out until I realized that the resident cutie starring in the new drama, Big, is one of the members. My interest is now peaked. 

Cross Gene released their debut MV, La-Di Da-Di, today. Check it out below

Besides the fact that the MV is nothing out of the ordinary for boy groups these days, I think Cross Gene made a pretty solid debut. And although the song itself isn’t anything spectacular, I must say that the vocals were impressive. The lead vocalist reminded me of Woohyun from Infinite in that his deeper tone resonates against the other members’. I was also surprised that the rapper actually had some strong vocals and got a relatively large part of the song to sing.

I would like to say that the choreography of the song didn’t showcase their dancing skills, but it seems as though much of the video was either the boys sitting cross-legged on the floor, or doing pretty simplistic dance moves. I would perfectly happy if Cross Gene portrayed themselves as strong vocalists rather than strong dancers.

And despite the mixed nationalities of the group, they still fail in the English department. I found myself cringing at all the engrish inserting into the intro and throughout the song. I really believe that if all of these music companies just hired me to spell check their lyrics and fix their pronunciation, KPop would be that much better haha 🙂

I can’t really say anything about the members since I don’t know much about them, but they have each been labled with a specific “gene” to match their personality. You can see them below.

(my personal favorites are “Presh Gene” and “Gorgeous Gene”)

October 23, 1991

March 20, 1991

January 8th 1993

March 18, 1992

July 7, 1992

January 12, 1993

What do you think? Will Cross Gene find success amid the thousands of debuts this summer?

Official Website

Official YouTube

Also, don’t forget to purchase their album here



2 Responses to “[Review] Cross Gene-La-Di Da-Di”

  1. Jade June 7, 2012 at 8:22 pm #

    Can I ask who main vocal of Cross Gene? I love Woohyun, and I want to see who you compar him to haha! Thank you also for all review also!

    • dramapop June 8, 2012 at 2:49 pm #

      Hi Jade! Thanks for commenting
      I’m not very familiar with the the names of each member, but I’m assuming the main vocalist is Yongseok. His voice really reminded me of Woohyun’s especially during the chorus 🙂

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