f(x) Releases Electric Shock Teasers

8 Jun

I have to admit that for the longest time, I wasn’t the biggest fan of f(x). After hearing Chu and La Cha Ta, I thought that they just sounded immature and annoying. Then, they released NU ABO and Danger, I found myself jamming to their music because it was Just. So. Catchy. 

The appeal of f(x) is the combination of their eccentric style, catchy music, and each member’s individual charms. Let’s be honest, as much as we have tried to dislike Sulli, she’s just too cute. And every body has unanimously (yet unconsciously) voted Amber as their most-wanted best friend.

That being said, I’m am totally excited for the release of their new mini-album on June 10th. It’s been a while since the girls have released anything, and my iPod has been craving some new f(x) songs. Their new album, Electric Shock, boasts 6 brandy new songs titled:  “Electric Shock”, “Jet“, “Zig Zag“, “Beautiful Stranger“, “Love Hate“, and “Let’s Try“.

SM released a short clip of each song:


It’s hard to tell much from the 30-second clip, but it all sounds awesome too me (especially Amber rapping whoo!!)

I also love all of the teaser pics SM has released. They are weird, strange, and totally embody f(x) stands for.















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