[Album Review] f(x)-Electric Shock

14 Jun

We can all agree that f(x) is doing it big with Electric Shock. I already gave the typical album intro here so let’s go straight into the review!



1. Electric Shock
2. Jet
3. Zig Zag
4. Beautiful Stranger
5. Love Hate
6. Let’s Try

Electric Shock

The girls of f(x) are showing us a newer and fiercer side of them and I love it. This dance track is near perfect in every aspect: the vocals are on point and the instrumentals are invigorating. Out of all the members, Luna and Amber shone the most; they brought so much energy and technique to the track especially during the bridge. Electric Shock has definitely made my list of top songs if 2012 so far. It’s refreshing that SM has finally picked the best song of the album to be the title track.


Jet immediately reminded me of 2NE1’s “Can’t Nobody” and “Clap Your Hands”. If you think about, CL and Dara could effortlessly integrate themselves into f(x) which would be a pretty interesting collaboration. Anyways, though it made me sigh to hear Amber relegated to those annoying one-line raps again, Jet is an exciting and galactic-sounding track that contains a number of fun elements.

Zig Zag

Zig Zag gave off that classic f(x) sound with the thumping beats, hybridized singing/talking verses, and high voice ranges throughout the song. To be honest, I thought it sounded too much like Danger (Pinocchio) for me. Although there was a notable emphasis on the sound effects, it sounded too repetitive and got boring after a while

Beautiful Stranger

I. Love. Amber. f(x)’s super awesome rapper completely blows me away with her powerful intro in Beautiful Stranger. I’m assuming SM listened to all of the fan complaints and finally gave Amber the recognition she deserves for her talent. The track itself is totally channeling a very Western sound (I’m thinking that Ashley Tisdale, Hilary Duff). It’s an amazing listen that is currently on repeat on my iPod. I liked the airy synthetic tone of the song and it is definitely a great addition to the album

Love Hate

This song is so weird but so good. The musical structures of the verses and bridge are bizarre yet ridiculously catchy. I wasn’t really a fan of the cheer-style chorus since it kind of took away from the premise of the song. I know I’m being redundant, but SM putting Amber on vocals is seriously their best idea this year; she adds depth to the group’s vocals since the rest of the members have a higher timbre while Amber sings with more depth.

Let’s Try

Out of all f(x)’s songs to date, I would say Let’s Try is the most experimental. The girls completely diverge from their usual electronic pop to test the waters of the soft reggae/pop genre. And boy to they kill it (in a good way). The vocal quality of this track far exceeds that of any song on the track. The song is a semi-mellow piece that fully utilizes complex harmonies, cross-melodies, and ad-libs. Right now, I’m in the Trenton Train Station and I am jamming to this cuz it’s that good. The passion in their voices permeates through the simplistic melody and really connects with the listener. Yes, I’m going to say it again, AMBER IS AWESOME. Both Amber and Luna are portraying their quality of their singing skills again and again.

I couldn’t be more impressed with this album. f(x) has managed to bring both a new and traditional sound while producing fresh and exciting material. While the Electric Shock MV was no different from your typical SM dance-in-a-box, the girls brought so much energy and fun to it. Full points for this album!  

Rating: 5/5


Don’t forget to support f(x) by purchasing the album here on iTunes.


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