Super Junior Releases MV Teaser for Sexy Free and Single

29 Jun

Super Junior, you know I love you, but you just have to come up with better names for your songs.

The boys are back again with their 6th full length album titled Sexy, Free and Single.

The album boasts ten tracks that supposedly run across a variety of genres. I was excited for Super Junior’s comback, but after watching the MV Teaser, I’m not too sure. Check it out below:

I was hoping that SM would figure it out by now, but nobody is really impressed with the whole “Sorry Sorry” clone, dance-in-a-box theme anymore. I was hoping for some newer material, but I guess this is all we’re going to get.

(On a side note, the lines “Sexy free and single I’m ready to mingle” just made my day)

I did like the member’s photo teasers which were definitely unique. They had this great pastel tone coupled with some pretty interesting fantasy elements. I think Yesung’s is my favorite.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

What do you think? Are you ready for SJ’s delclaration of singledom?


Also, how cute are these SJ fan art cartoons ???


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