[Review] 2NE1-I Love You

4 Jul

2NE1 just released their comeback single I Love You, earlier this morning, and in true YG fashion, it is already topping charts worldwide.

It feels like it’s been forever since my one of my favorite girl groups, 2NE1, has released new music. Although in reality, it’s only been a couple months, I have been suffering from severe 2NE1 withdrawal.

YG announced that instead of releasing 2NE1’s comeback singles/album all at once, they will be promoting each song separately. This is a good and bad thing in that I love that I get to feel the excitement of new 2NE1 songs being released throughout the year, but that also means I have to wait forever to listen to all of their songs.

That being said, the girls released their first comeback song, I Love You, today so you can check out the audio below.

I have to say, my first reaction to the dialogue intro wasn’t the greatest. It felt a bit disconnected and didn’t flow into the verses so well. The initial blues-y vibe of the track is absolute genius; blues is a musical style often unexplored in KPop, so it’s great the 2NE1 is utilizing the mellow power  of the genre. CL’s voice fits the the increasing crescendo of electric piano so well that the sudden electropop of the chorus comes as a jarring surprise.

The chorus itself is pretty simplistic with the repeated line “I love you” followed by autotuned backing vocals and ethereal synths. Up until this point, the song has gone for the mellow vibe, but the following verse kind of picks up the pace by highlighting the high tempo bass line and letting Dara do her thing with her energetic voice.

Both CL and Minzy shine here although I absolutely love CL’s lines from her teaser. I have to admit, I have never really been that much of a fan of CL’s vocals. I do think she has a good voice, but sometimes its pitchiness doesn’t fit well with the parts she sings. This is definitely not the case here seeing as  she completely kills it with the attitude she brings to the track.

Minzy also adds her trademark husky tone to the song which is actually pretty interesting as blues is most commonly sung by females with huskier voices. I was surprised by the lack of Bom singing since the title of main vocal usually gives her more prominent roles in songs. Though she totally owned the bridge, I wish she could have gotten a few more lines.

And can we get a cheer for the proper use of the words “bring it back”? About one-third of the way through, we make the shift back to the blues, which is then followed by a short rap sequence. The switch provides for a interesting overall tone of the song. I’m not quite sure what genre I Love You falls under, but that’s 2NE1 for you. I am happy to say that 2Ne1’s new single certainly delivered and I couldn’t really ask for anything more (except, you know, the release of their entire album and tickets to their concert)


Don’t forget to support the artist by purchasing this track on iTunes!


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