[Review] Cheondung – “Don’t Go”

4 Jul

MBLAQ has been on a world tour, traveling to countries around the world meeting fans and performing for live audiences. The release of Cheondung “Thunder”‘s new song follows in the footsteps of previous releases from members G.O. and Mir. Now this is a surprise to me and I guess most people because Thunder isn’t really known as a good vocalist but I’ve noted his improvement since their debut and the company also took notice considering they’ve switched him from rapping to singing in MBLAQ’s latest songs. This new song adds dimension to Cheondung that he seriously needed to keep up with his more talented members.

The R&B sound of this song is really intriguing and reminiscent of classier R&B music from the earlier part of the 21st century. But no doubt the most interesting part of this song is Thunder himself. Does he acquit himself in this song? My answer is a firm yes. Thunder still has a limited range unlike G.O. and isn’t as charismatic at rapping as Mir. But somehow, he sounds good, especially during the verses where he’s not required to perform some sort vocal acrobatic. The chorus stays close to his limited range too and I’m glad that it fits well with the instrumental. There are spots where a more forceful singer was needed. This is most true during the vocal runs toward the end of the song where the producers are forced to auto-tune his voice. But while in other parts, especially the second verse and the bridge, I would have wanted a stronger voice as well, Thunder does acquit himself by punctuating the song with just the right amount of feeling that it doesn’t completely end up horribly wrong.

Overall, I’m impressed with this track considering the limitations of Thunder’s talent. I like that he slowly improved over time and that he is still trying to improve even now.



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