[Review] Wonder Girls-Like Money ft. Akon

10 Jul

Alrighty, well the Wonder Girls are back with another US single, and I’m not quite sure whether it’s a good thing or a bad one. The last appearance that the girl group made in the States was through their very own Nickelodeon feature-length movie, which didn’t really hit it big. They also released “2 Different Tears” and “The DJ is Mine” in the US market, but unfortunately didn’t get the coverage that we all hoped they would. However, things seem to be looking up for the Wonder Girls since they recently released their new single, Like Money, featuring popular American singer, Akon. I was pretty surprised that a KPop group managed to feature such a prominent US artist. Up until Yoon Mi Rae/Tasha and Tiger JK featured in Far East Movement’s “Live My Life Remix”, there haven’t been many US/Korea collaborations.

Also, it was also pretty impressive that they got Rihanna’s producer (Cri$tyle), Katy Perry’s stylist (Johnny Wujek), and Beyonce’s choreographer (Jonte Moaning), and Rainstone, to contribute to the release.

Check out the music video below!

Yeah, I have to say, the whole back story intro thing was pretty corny. I understand that they were trying to go for the whole theatrical element, but it just seemed pretty dumb to me. It was good that it introduced each member though, since many new listeners would not necessarily know them by name. I was unpleasently surprised by the ridiculous amount of auto tune used in the verses. I’ve never heard auto tuned used so excessivly in KPop and it completely ruined the song for me. You all probably know that lead singer, Yenny, has one of the most respected voices in the KPop sphere; she sings with a great R&B tone that adds flavor to any song that she is in. However, in Like Money, you couldn’t even hear any of that technique due to the addition of auto tune.

Despite the all of the celebrity production team involved, the MV failed to impress me. Their clothes were totally unoriginal and tacky, and the girls’ make up was done in such a way that every flattering feature they have was hidden under this (frankly) scary mask of eyeshadow and mascara. Even the choreography was hackneyed and cripplingly immature, complete with big arm gestures, side-stepping, and spins.

I found it interesting that Akon sang for an entire verse and chorus, but I guess they wanted to but him in the limelight. I have to say that the best (and possibly only good) part of the entire song was Yubin’s rap. True to her style, her rap was fierce and lyrical. It was a little chunky sounding, but it was an improvement over the rest song. The ad-libs at the end were pretty awesome, but unfortunately not enough to fix the song. Overall, I think theLike Money is a catchy track, but lacks quality. I for one will not be buying it, but that’s not to say its a complete waste of time. Also, the lyrics are a bit confusing, why would you ever want someone to love you like money/cars/clothes???

I’m not quite sure what the reaction will be to the Wonder Girls new single. It definitely isn’t the best track they’ve released, but it’s kind of saddening to see that the quality of their music is decreasing as they try to cater to the “American” musical tastes. Hopefully, they will get back on track with their future releases.

What do you think? Are you liking the Wonder Girls’ new single?




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