WTF of the Week: Crayon Pop

11 Jul

I really feel as though there should be a limit to the number of girl groups debuting each year. There’s been a gazillion debuts this year (i.e. GLAM, Hello Venus, PURETTY, Tahiti, Spica, etc.) and there are a couple more planned for later this summer. I really do make an attempt to listen to their music without judging, but so far…it’s all just so bad. Clarence and I made the mistake of listening to Brave Girls, and it made me want to shoot myself. True to form, another girl group released their teaser today. The five-member group, Crayon Pop, debuted in January 2012 with their title track, Bing Bing. Today, they released their comeback teaser for Saturday Night, and all I have to say is…”WTF”

What is this?? If this is the future of KPop, then I need to find a new obession, because this, is horrible. I feel bad for completely bashing a new group, but if you produce such dumb-looking/sounding material, then there’s nothing left for me to say.

I tried to listen to some of their debut song, but each it left me even more depressed than the first. It’s saddening to see people with so much potential go to waste. If you listen to their debut MV, you would see that they can actually sing. They’re nothing extraordinary, but they’re not bad at all. But how are people supposed to recognize their talent when they are overloading our brains with aegyo??

Their company should really take notice that overdoing the cutesy/girly/hand hearts/faux sad faces thing isn’t going to make them stand out from the myriad of girl groups around now. Even more, the concept for their comeback has already been done by another five-member girl group, Girls Day, during their “Oh My God”  and “Twinkle Twinkle” promotions.

Then again, you never know. There is always the chance that their music may have a unique quality to it and can totally blow people away. I hope that’s the case, but I wouldn’t count on it.



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