Brown Eyed Girls Release Comeback Teaser MV & Photo

13 Jul

The Brown Eyed Girls are finally making their comeback and I am one happy lady. Published on their official YouTube page, the MV teaser features some random girl dancing around with headphones. This isn’t all that exciting, but check it out for yourself:

The video doesn’t really do much for me since the actual members of the Brown Eyed Girls fail to make an appearance. I also read a funny YouTube comment that it looks more like a Gap Kids commercial, which is totally true.

However, a couple moments ago, BEG leader, JeA, released a teaser photo which looks pretty interesting

Their comeback single is titled “The Original so I’m assuming they are going for the minimalist, toned-down look.

Also, Narsha released her photo a couple days ago:

Narsha is typically the quirky one, so I guess this is toned down for her.

I was talking to one of my friends about the comeback, and he made a pretty interesting point; even though it’s bound to be super awesome just because it’s the Brown Eyed Girls, their last album “Sixth Sense” is going to be pretty hard to surpass. I totally agree since I think Sixth Sense was one of the highest quality albums released in 2011.

So what do you think? Are you ready for BEG’s comeback?



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