An Off-Colored Post-Drama-Viewing Rant

16 Jul

There are only a few instances in my memory where I flat-out just ended in an uproarious rage over something a character in a K-Drama does. Granted, I know some characters are meant to cause conflict and thankfully dramas have conflict to build a story and develop characters around. However, there is a certain point where a drama you’ve been faithfully following somehow captures your heart to the point that what happens in the drama seem to affect the viewer emotionally and mentally. I know a lot of people can relate to me. That drama right now happens to be “Big” and the character that inspired the following rant happens to be the desperately devilish Jang Mari played by Suzy.

This post is going to be dedicated completely to how much I HATE Jang Mari because unlike many fans, I found her stalker, overly clingy behavior to be extremely unlikeable. Sure, when she came into the school in a taxi during the morning announcements and unconsciously embarrassed Gil Da Ran I laughed. But that was her highest point and remains to be her only high point in my book. The rest of her time on my screen reeked with desperation that I flinch when she pops up.

The Hong Sisters have a tradition of unlikeable second leads and she maintains that tradition: I grumbled at her insensitivity and apparent manipulation of the lovably goofy Choong-Shik; I rolled my eyes every time she attempts to weasel her way between Da Ran and Kyung Joon; I laughed out of pity for her shameless use of Kyung Joon’s photo as a decor for her bedroom in Kyung Joon’s house EVEN if she wasn’t wanted. All of those things, in addition to that really creepy break-in she committed suggests at least five psychological problems including OCD.

But that’s all child’s play compared to what really pisses the hell out of me about her character. I completely understand that she is in love with Kyung Joon but her selfish behavior suggests at least in part that she’d rather she be happy than have Kyung Joon be happy. She incessantly manipulates her way to cut the time spent between Kyung Joon and Da Ran in order to advance herself to no avail.

Yet in a really PISS-worthy move, she even LIES to both Kyung Joon and Gil Da Ran about important things in Episode 13: She tells Kyung Joon that Gil Da Ran doesn’t love him but loves Yoon Jae and that the only reason she’s keeping his father’s identity from him is to save Yoon Jae. Then she convinces Da Ran that Yoon Jae’s pain is all because of Gil Da Ran and that she should plunge into noble idiocy to save him.

Seeing this onscreen, all I could muster was every colorful expletive I can imagine in at least three different languages. The fury I feel for her is unmatched by any other emotion that came up from me. Not only that, having to see both Da Ran and especially Kyun Joong sorrowful, I cannot stand to look at her anymore without a bleep needed for my language. In other words, I want her to die (story-wise it’s quite inconvenient but heck I’m pissed off).

All is fair in love and war but is it really worth the battle when the one you’re hurting the most is the prize?



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