K-Pop Comeback: Why That is Misleading

25 Jul

Today I was perusing k-pop websites when I came across a picture of Teen Top’s comeback. I had to stop to think for a second because I was so sure that they just had a comeback last month and in January. Well they did have two comebacks this year already and after confirming it, I really got annoyed.

This is probably being nitpicky but I’ve always been bothered by K-pop acts who have comebacks at least twice a year. I mean, why is it a comeback if you weren’t really gone for a while? Where are you coming back from anyway? The studio? When I think of comebacks, I think of artists who have been gone for at least a year or so. Do K-pop listeners really have that short of an attention span that they need to be inundated with constant new music from their favorite artists?

The closest comparison I can think of when it comes to American music is Rihanna. She had that phase where she releases a new album in less than a year since her last one. She’s always busy, that girl, and I like a lot of her music since there is a noticeable progression in her work. But her promotion is far more different than the promotion they do in Korea. Nothing lasts long in Korean music but there’s always been a danger of being overexposed. Teen Top might be big this year with these three comebacks but eventually if they keep at this pace, they’ll tire out the audience. Audiences need a break too after all. That’s why BIGBANG’s comeback last year was so special. It’s been TWO YEARS since they made an album together and that meant a lot for fans who stayed by their side all that time. Same with the Brown Eyed Girls last year.

No disrespect to Teen Top who suddenly became interesting this year but maybe they need a break once in a while too.



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