[Album Review] Tasty-Spectrum

8 Aug

Woollim Entertainment’s new boy duo, Tasty,  finally released their debut mini-album yesterday titled Spectrum! 
I was disappointed to hear that they only released three full-length songs and an intro, but I’m still excited to hear their music. Woollim has made a name for themselves based on the quality of their artists’ music: Infinte, NELL, JiSun, and formerly Epik High. They are not the flashiest label, but they know how to foster some great artists.

The duo is comprised of twins, Jung Daeryong and Jung Soryeong (how cute is that??) who apparently have trained under some impressive American choreographers. To top it off, they both are former JYP trainees, and they managed to get stellar producer, Rphabet, to produce their album. Sounds like a pretty awesome formula for success.

The duo released teaser a couple days ago which is pretty fun to watch


1. Spectrum (Intro)
2. You Know Me (Title Track)
3. Solo

Spectrum (Intro)

Uhhh…alrighty then. I’m not quite sure what to say about this intro except it kinda sorta sucks. Now, I love me some dubstep, but Spectrum was kind of an overkill. One of my pet peeves in Kpop is the unnecessary and extremely corny dialogue in the beginning of songs. And the perpetually breathing isn’t doing much for me. I liked all the random sounds incorporated towards the end of the track, but its not the best start to the album.

 You Know Me (Title Track)

Despite all of its flaws, I love You Know Me. There is probably only 1 minute of actual vocals total in the song, but its awesome anyway. The beat is on point and I’m already jamming to it. Yes, overall the song is a bit simplistic and repetitive, but at least its repeating the good parts. I personally don’t think it was the best way to go for a title track, but it is definitely a crowd-pleaser. You don’t get to hear much of their actual voices except for in the bridge, but I like that they already display attitude in their vocals and aren’t too concerned with showing off their talent. On the other hand, I feel as though the props for this song go to Rphabet rather than Tasty themselves.


Solo showcased more vocals that the previous tracks which was a welcome change. The track had more of a laid back R&B feel even though the heavy synths kind of killed that vibe. Throughout the song, I felt as though the instrumentals overshadowed the vocals which I was straining to hear. The melody is actually really sweet if you can disregard the background matter. It’s apparent that the two aren’t amazing vocalists, but at the same time, they are extremely versatile between genres, and even within this song. The rap was pretty impressive, but nothing spectacular. I definitely like this song, but I just wish the vocals were highlighted more.


“Why so serious?”

Buster was all fun and games. I like it a lot more that You Know Me, just because its exactly the right balance between cool effects, vocals, and rapping. We still have that high-pitched voice throughout the song, but it blends in with the song better.  Its apparent that the duo had fun recording the track because they bring so much energy with each line. I just wish it was a little bit longer and maybe had more musical development, but  all in all, Buster is a great way to close out the album.

I’m yet to see the duo on stage, but I can already tell that their live debut is going to be of epic proportions. With a group that brings so much energy to their music, I feel as though their stage is either going to be really really good, or really really embarrassing. I loved that Tasty is already illustrating how versatile they are with their music. Although they stick mainly to electro-pop and dubstep, they dabbled into R&B and a little bit of Hip-Hop.

While their singing skills came across as a little weak, we already know that they are strong dancers from their teaser. With a duo like this, I think they are more geared towards live performances and entertainment than towards studio quality. For example, what exactly are they going to be “singing” during their You Know Me promotions? The majority of the song is synthesizers so I’m sure they will fill up the gaps with something entertaining. My only other complaint is the length of their tracks; each song is a little over 3 minutes long, which leaves little room for development. Often times, the track would just cut off at an awkward point.

In conclusion, Spectrum was kind of weak album. If Woollim had decided to maybe use more than one producer and increased the album length, I think Tasty could have had a much more impressive debut.

Rating: 3.8/5.0


Pre-Debut with Min from Miss A

So Cute!!

TastyOfficial Website


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