Crickets…Dusting Off this Old Thing

10 Jan

Hi there! That took forever to start writing again. But that’s what happens when life takes over. When I say life, I mean schoolwork. Three writing-heavy classes including one giant 24-page research paper, a language class that takes a lot of time, and Accounting makes for a very busy schedule. On top of that, I had to make time for friends and other responsibilities that drove me nuts all semester long. but here I am afresh and glad to know that my schedule this semester isn’t as heavy as last semester’s nor is it full of classes that should take like 90% of my time. I am more than hopeful this year that I’ll make time for this blog since I do enjoy writing about what I love.

Speaking of which, I’ve been so out of touch with Korean music that it’s quite embarrassing how little I know about them now. Outside of favorites like BIGBANG (in the form of G-Dragon) and TVXQ (“Catch Me” is sooo good), I haven’t paid attention to any new music since this summer. However, one thing that I did keep in touch with, and gladly too, are the Korean dramas this fall. Therefore, I am more than prepared to make my list of favorite Korean dramas in 2012. Since the Oscar nominations also came out today, I am in the mood for list-making! A favorite tradition of mine regardless of whether or not I write a blog. So I’ll be sharing those by the end of today!

Happy New Year!



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