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Adventures in Koreatown

12 Jun

My apologies for the lack of posts recently. I was invited to a conference in New York, so I have been getting lost around the entire city today. After missing the Amtrak from Philly, I finally got on a train at 5:30, arrived at Penn Station at 7:00, and have been wandering around for the past 2 hours. After multiple bouts of panic, depression and starvation, I suddenly found myself in Koreatown!! Continue reading


College is Over…Welcome Back DramaPop!

9 May


Hello. It’s been forever since we’ve posted anything on this website and we swear we have good reasons. Last semester, college wasn’t as difficult as it was this semester. Whether it was the enormous amount of constant essays and readings I had to do or the sheer volume of homework and studying Temi did, let’s just say we did not expect to be so heavily busy. In between my spring break and today, I had not watched a single episode of drama and have vaguely listened to new K-pop songs. Needless to say, I was definitely absent from the K-pop world.

But not so absent that I missed out some of the big music releases in K-pop. With college done, I have some major catch up to do: as in, we’ll have belated write ups of our thoughts on various albums and releases. And soon as we catch up on dramas, we’ll be writing about those as well.

Let’s just say, since our last time here, I’ve loved SISTAR’s new song but not their album, Shinee made a new pop classic but the album left me wanting more, SHINHWA is a legend for a reason and their album is awesome, EXO made the best debut album since 2NE1’s own debut way back when, perhaps an even better introduction, SNSD’s new small group is a perfect example of why I HATE big groups: their album is amazing, and I like 4minute even less now than ever before with their sloppy and overproduced new music.

In addition, I’ll play catch up on all the dramas that I never got to watching including Lee Seung Gi’s latest. Hopefully I’ll write about them soon as I finish.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to this summer. The beauty and horror of being in college is that I have 4 months away from school. I’m not really used to that since High school allowed me only like two months of vacation. That’s both good and bad…

Good because like all summer vacations, I can do whatever I want. Bad because I hate not having anything significantly busy days. Let’s just hope by next week I don’t go calling for more homework (like that’s gonna happen). Plus, since I’m not in NYC anymore (boo) and the place I’m in now is a major upsetting downgrade from my dream city, I think this summer will be interesting.

But what’s beautiful about college is that your friends are all over the country. It gives you good incentive to get around the country. Luckily, I have friends all over down the east coast, so I’m sure I’ll have more opportunities to visit different cities and towns throughout the summer.

In addition to the potential travel, I have some major goals this summer:

1) Learn Korean that I halted in the first semester. I figured since I am planning to study in Korea in my Junior year, I ought to learn it. Plus, I’d love to just watch dramas without reading subtitles.

2) Continue my Japanese practice Kanji. It’s awesomely difficult but fun for me.

3) Learn to drive. I know I’m 20 and it’s belated that I am just learning it now but being from NYC where public transportation is easier to get around with than driving in a car. But living with my mom down here in Middle-of-Nowhere, MD, I am practically stuck indoors since I can’t drive myself around.

4) Try to get a job.

Anyway, happy summer people. Hope ya’ll come back to us! We definitely want you back.





Where Did We Go? Part II

11 Feb

Hi Everyone!!

Sorry for the prolonged hiatus. But I  am back! *woot woot*

So where did I go?? Continue reading

Where Did We Go!?

2 Feb

“What the hell happened?”

That’s the first thought that came to mind when I visited this site, which admittedly, I have not done in quite some time because of prior commitments and obligations that come with such a heavy load of coursework. Of course, I didn’t have this problem last semester. Yes, I had Calculus, Macroeconomics, a literature class called Reflections of American Theater on Society, and Elementary Japanese. However, none of those classes, at least in my opinion, took so much of my time away as to prevent me from writing. I even managed to go to the gym frequently back then on top of keeping up with my dramas, hanging out with friends, and writing about this blog.

Continue reading

College Diary #16 First Semester=Over

25 Dec

This past week was finals week aka death week. I am not exaggerating when I say I didn’t leave my dorm for 4 days straight. I ordered Chinese food every night and ate leftovers for every breakfast and lunch. Just to put my suffering in context, I went through 2 sets of AAA batteries in my calculator, 4 legal notepads, an entire eraser, and an entire jar of M&Ms that I stole from the dining hall. Continue reading

College Diary 15: Extremely Tired and Incredibly Sad

18 Dec

Finals week is well…finally over for me and I couldn’t be more grateful. The lack of blog posts over the week is the result of daily preparations for tests that can decide the fate of my GPA. Not that I’m particularly worried at this point. Still, I just needed a day or two to sleep after everything was done, hence the lack of posts yesterday. Anyway, I’m back to full capacity while Temi still has finals through next week.

It’s been a studious week for me; I don’t think I’ve studied as much before, give or take the AP Chemistry exam. I had three finals this week  and each were in their own way frustrating. Japanese required me to memorize six chapters worth of vocabulary an kanji characters, Economics required me to understand fully the ins and outs of aggregate supply and demand, and Calculus required me to know theorems and explaining crap. It was incredibly frustrating.

Continue reading

Finals Week Preparations

10 Dec

Sorry for the lack of new posts this week. It’s a monstrous week for both of us with final exams commencing on Monday and papers and projects from every class keeping us busy. I’m afraid it might have to continue on like this for a while. Please understand


Clarence and Temi


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