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[Album Review] Tasty-Spectrum

8 Aug

Woollim Entertainment’s new boy duo, Tasty,  finally released their debut mini-album yesterday titled Spectrum! 
I was disappointed to hear that they only released three full-length songs and an intro, but I’m still excited to hear their music. Woollim has made a name for themselves based on the quality of their artists’ music: Infinte, NELL, JiSun, and formerly Epik High. They are not the flashiest label, but they know how to foster some great artists. Continue reading


[Album Review] BoA – “Only One” (****)

23 Jul


It’s been two years since “Hurricane Venus” stormed the charts but BoA is finally back with her 7th Korean album. BoA is a highly respected veteran (I can’t believe she’s only 26! She’s been around for so long) and I’m sure many people will be keen to see how well she does. This release follows two of the biggest veteran idols’ returns this year (that’ll be Shinhwa and Se7en).

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[Album Review] Beast – Midnight Sun (***)

23 Jul

After a stellar year atop everyone’s list of favorite artists in 2011, Beast comes back with their fifth mini-album, “Midnight Sun.” Because I truly loved their last album, I have very high expectations for their next. Inevitably, when they’ve set such a high standard for themselves, people would want to hear more and would anticipate an album that is as good as their previous one (Gee I wonder how Adele will follow up her album, that’s got to be a tall order).

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WTF of the Week: Crayon Pop

11 Jul

I really feel as though there should be a limit to the number of girl groups debuting each year. There’s been a gazillion debuts this year (i.e. GLAM, Hello Venus, PURETTY, Tahiti, Spica, etc.) and there are a couple more planned for later this summer. I really do make an attempt to listen to their music without judging, but so far…it’s all just so bad. Clarence and I made the mistake of listening to Brave Girls, and it made me want to shoot myself.  Continue reading

[Review] Wonder Girls-Like Money ft. Akon

10 Jul

Alrighty, well the Wonder Girls are back with another US single, and I’m not quite sure whether it’s a good thing or a bad one. Continue reading

[Review] 2NE1-I Love You

4 Jul

2NE1 just released their comeback single I Love You, earlier this morning, and in true YG fashion, it is already topping charts worldwide.

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[Review] Cheondung – “Don’t Go”

4 Jul

MBLAQ has been on a world tour, traveling to countries around the world meeting fans and performing for live audiences. The release of Cheondung “Thunder”‘s new song follows in the footsteps of previous releases from members G.O. and Mir. Now this is a surprise to me and I guess most people because Thunder isn’t really known as a good vocalist but I’ve noted his improvement since their debut and the company also took notice considering they’ve switched him from rapping to singing in MBLAQ’s latest songs. This new song adds dimension to Cheondung that he seriously needed to keep up with his more talented members.

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