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[Series Review/ Top Ten Tuesdays/ WTF of the WEEK] All About Big

24 Jul

Well today marks the ending of one of the dramas I faithfully followed this year as Big makes aired its last episode. I’m a big fan of the very famous Hong sisters who are the writers of this show. I’ve seen only three of their shows: My GirlMy Girlfriend is a Guminho, and Best Love. Since I liked all three shows, I thought that I would fall easily in love with their new offering Big. Even Temi wrote about how wonderful the show was when it premiered. I felt the same fuzzies when we were introduced to our main characters and to some degree I still feel the same way about them now.

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WTF of the Week: Crayon Pop

11 Jul

I really feel as though there should be a limit to the number of girl groups debuting each year. There’s been a gazillion debuts this year (i.e. GLAM, Hello Venus, PURETTY, Tahiti, Spica, etc.) and there are a couple more planned for later this summer. I really do make an attempt to listen to their music without judging, but so far…it’s all just so bad. Clarence and I made the mistake of listening to Brave Girls, and it made me want to shoot myself.  Continue reading

WTF of the Week: Super Junior’s MV Wardrobe

4 Jul

Although I haven’t written a WTF post for a pretty long time, I saw something recently that inspired me.

I watched the music video for the title track of Super Junior’s new album, Sexy, Free and Single a couple days ago. As much as I tried to focus on the song, I was completely distracted by their…let’s call it “fashion choice”. Now, I understand that these days, the wackier your MV is, the more attention it garners (i.e 2NE1’s “I’m the Best, Sunny Hill’s “Midnight Circus”). However, while some artists can pull it off, others cannot. SJ being a prime example. Continue reading

WTF of the Week: Sunny Hill’s “In Praise of the Grasshopper”

11 Jan

Sunny Hill has released a teaser for their new single “In Praise of the Grasshopper” and let me tell you, it’s an interesting one. Continue reading

WTF of the Week: New F.O-Why They Suck

29 Dec

Okay. So I’m not intentionally trying to be mean, but every time I see New F.O perform, all I can think of is that they suck. Majorly. Continue reading

WTF of the Week: Big Bang Covers 2NE1’s I Am the Best

5 Dec

Wow, we haven’t made a WTF of the Week post in a while. I just realized that. I guess there hasn’t been that much wtf-worthy moments since the last one but this definitely counts as a wtf-moment. Although, don’t mistake me for disliking it. In fact, I think this is probably the greatest WTF moment I’ve encountered so far.

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WTF Of the Week: Rookie Girl Group “Leader’S” with 24 Members…

28 Oct

As wonderfully catchy as K-Pop tends to be, there are many instances where I find myself aghast at the ridiculousness of the industry. Sometimes, it has to do with the lyrics and mangling of English in many of the songs but often it’s the talent itself that bothers me. I’m not questioning the idols’ talents (or lack thereof), but oftentimes these talents are not used to the best advantage. Most of the time, however, what bothers me about any group is the sheer number of members a group has. I genuinely like Girls’ Generation and Super Junior’s songs but I cannot take them as seriously as I do Big Bang or 2NE1. One, beneath their glossy exterior, there’s something too manufactured about them that works wonderfully in music most of the time. Two, because both these groups have a large number of members, they have plenty of 5-second singers who add nothing to the group save for a few more good looking members or a dancer or two.

In short, my biggest pet peeve about K-pop is the largeness of their idol groups. This week, we find out that “Leader’S”, a girl group that originally debuted with 8 members back in March, actually has 24 members and that the eight that we saw were just part of one sub-unit.

Holy smokes…That’s one big group.

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