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The List: Clarence’s Top 50 Songs of 2011 Part II: 21-50

6 Jan

Here to continue with my obsessive listing, I bring you #50 through #21 on my list of favorite songs of the year! We’re going to wrap the lists this week. So without further ado, here they are accompanied by short anecdotes on each track

50. Don’t Spray Perfume – Teen Top:

The lyrics are sexy and forbidding, the music is fun and bright, and the vocals are quite mature.

49. They Are Coming – Wheesung:

His last song before the military carries bittersweet undertones; He is a fantastic singer and lyricist.

48. One Last Cry – N-Train:

The new 4Men? Maybe. This song does well to showcase their very strong vocals. The music is sweet too.

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The Return Of Kkap Kwon + Kkap 2PM

17 Nov

I seriously love seeing all of this JYP Nation love. The boys of 2AM and 2PMdecided to reveal their own renditions of their lablemate’s new single Be My Baby. Continue reading

2PM’s Nichkhun To Make Acting Debut In Ouran High Host Club Movie

14 Nov

I don’t know what to be more surprised by, Nichkhun playing a role in a Japanese movie, or the fact that they’re actually making a theatrical adaptation of the popular TV show Ouran High Host Club. Continue reading

Top Ten Tuesday Thursdays: Underrated Songs by Popular Artists

19 Oct

*Since I missed writiing a Top Ten Tuesday post on Tuesday for a training session, here’s a Top Ten Thursday!*

More often than not in KPop albums (and any album really), the lead single gets the most attention. That track is the one that you hear on the radio, on music shows, and during concerts. It’s the one with the cool MV, addicting dance moves, and catchy lyrics. However, I’ve come to find that on some albums there are a LOT of songs that are just as awesome, or even awesomer than the lead track. Continue reading

JYP To Open A Korean Restaurant in Manhattan

15 Oct

This is pretty cool, The man behind artist such as 2AM, 2PM, Miss A, the Wonder Girls, and 8Eight is now putting his efforts into the creation of an upscale Korean Barbecue restaurant named Kristalbelli. Continue reading

What IS a Leader?

24 Aug

As you very well may know, in most KPop groups, there is a designated leader. The leader is supposed to generally be in charge of the group members, making sure they perform to the best of their abilities both on and off stage. Continue reading

Top Ten Tuesdays: K-Pop Summer Songs 2011 Part II

16 Aug

Though I (sadly) only have 11 days left of summer *sad face*, here is Part 2 of our Top Songs of Summer 2011. (BTW, they are in no particular order)

*You can see Clarence’s Top Ten List here* Continue reading

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