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[Artist Profile] 2NE1

2 Jul

Today marked a special occasion for me since I bought my ticket for the 2NE1 New Evolution World Tour in New Jersey this August. Well I actually bought it last night but it took me a good two or three hours before I could settle in my head the very fact that I am going to see one of my three favorite artists in the world onstage. In addition, 2NE1 released their newest teaser for their comeback on July 5.



To prepare for their arrival, I wrote a retrospective of their magnificent, and in my opinion, important career so far. In just a short amount of time (three years), 2NE1 has become a phenomenon in Korea and parts of Asia, especially the Philippines, but also garnered some attention from fans in the western hemisphere. Their distinctive musical style and fashion has made them famous.

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[Artist Profile]: Broccoli, You Too

27 Nov

I’ve been meaning to do an Artists Profile on Broccoli, You Too for some time now, but never really got round to it. The low-key indie band has been racking a few more followers after their single “Universal Song” was featured on episode 8 of the hit cable drama “Flower Boy Ramen Shop”. Continue reading

[Artist Profile] MBLAQ

3 Sep

When MBLAQ or “Music Boys Live in Absolute Quality” debuted, I thought they weren’t anything special at all. They were an interesting mix of good looking guys with some questionable talent but possess some indescribable charm. They’re not really unique even if they have superstar Rain as a mentor compared to the similar group B2ST who debuted around the same time. Both groups started with people who have some sort of talent but was burdened by music that didn’t set them apart from the rest of the industry. In short, I dismissed them as unoriginal, untalented, and even frustrating.

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New Artist Profile:Boni

6 Aug

After the recent release of her new single “It Hurts” R&B artist, Boni (보니) has been gaining interests among fans worldwide.

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