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The Drama Year So Far

7 Aug

Ah, this is my second year watching dramas (to think I only started last year!) and so far I’ve almost completed or completed thirteen dramas and less than halfway on at least two or three dramas. My goal this year is to watch at least 25 dramas this year and provide meaningful discussion about them. Thankfully, Dramabeans have been a huge help in separating the things I ought to watch and the things I should avoid. Hence, I’m not watching Dr. Jin or Operation Proposal because they’re both deemed terrible.

Since there are only so much hours in a day and only so much free time in a while, I obviously won’t and can’t watch all of the dramas that aired. My attention span for Korean dramas are much much shorter than my attention span for American shows since they’re two different things. Hence, I don’t watch shows that have more than (+ or -) 20 episodes. In other words, I’m only here to watch short-term dramas.

So this post here is to give you guys my brief (by my standards, at least) take on each of the dramas I’ve seen or I am currently watching. I have to leave some of my other analysis for my late-year listings and stuff.

I didn’t rate dramas where I’ve seen too few episodes to actually make a serious rating.

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[Thespian Review] Gong Yoo – “Big”

25 Jul

With Big finally ending and my anger still raging against that horrid ending, I want to revive a series that I dropped for reasons most likely attributed to busy schedule and reduced amount of drama viewing. But starting today and all throughout next week, I want to bring “Thespian Review,” where I analyze a specific performance from a drama, back with a bang–This week, there’ll be four performances that blew my mind away. I’ve been dying to write about these actors since I finished watching their shows: Gong Yoo in Big, Kim Soo Hyun in The Moon That Embraces the Sun, Lee Seung Gi in The King 2 Hearts, and Jung Ryu Won in History of the Salaryman. Today, let’s start with Gong Yoo’s performance.

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[Series Review/ Top Ten Tuesdays/ WTF of the WEEK] All About Big

24 Jul

Well today marks the ending of one of the dramas I faithfully followed this year as Big makes aired its last episode. I’m a big fan of the very famous Hong sisters who are the writers of this show. I’ve seen only three of their shows: My GirlMy Girlfriend is a Guminho, and Best Love. Since I liked all three shows, I thought that I would fall easily in love with their new offering Big. Even Temi wrote about how wonderful the show was when it premiered. I felt the same fuzzies when we were introduced to our main characters and to some degree I still feel the same way about them now.

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An Off-Colored Post-Drama-Viewing Rant

16 Jul

There are only a few instances in my memory where I flat-out just ended in an uproarious rage over something a character in a K-Drama does. Granted, I know some characters are meant to cause conflict and thankfully dramas have conflict to build a story and develop characters around. However, there is a certain point where a drama you’ve been faithfully following somehow captures your heart to the point that what happens in the drama seem to affect the viewer emotionally and mentally. I know a lot of people can relate to me. That drama right now happens to be “Big” and the character that inspired the following rant happens to be the desperately devilish Jang Mari played by Suzy.

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What I Liked About Big

6 Jun

Although I am only two episodes in, the Hong Sisters’ brand new romantic comedy, Big, is already in the running of becoming my favorite drama of 2012.  Continue reading

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