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Top Ten Tuesdays: Top Ten KDrama Characters

15 Nov

Anytime I watch a KDrama (or any drama for that matter), I always have a character who I simply adore. Continue reading


[Thespian Review] Cha Seung Won – Greatest Love

17 Sep

2011 is really the year of the neurotic. If there was one prominent trait that appears among all our lead male characters, its their craziness. Some like Hyun Bin’s Joo Won are both painfully self-centered and nitpicky with everything. Some like Ji Sung’s Ji Heon are agoraphobic while aware of his lack of attractive qualities. All of them are obsessive by nature and whose personalities range from assholes to deuschbags. But if you thought that both Ji Sung and Joo Won are crazy, they both do not compare to the maniacal nature of Dokko Jin, played by Cha Seung Won in Greatest Love.

Continue reading

Is Psycho The New Black?

12 Aug

Gone are the days of ultra-perfect male leads. It is getting rarer and rarer to find KDramas whose main characters are even semi-normal. Not that I’m objecting or anything; I think it’s wonderful that it isn’t always the female lead who has some sort of abnormality. Continue reading

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