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College Diary #16 First Semester=Over

25 Dec

This past week was finals week aka death week. I am not exaggerating when I say I didn’t leave my dorm for 4 days straight. I ordered Chinese food every night and ate leftovers for every breakfast and lunch. Just to put my suffering in context, I went through 2 sets of AAA batteries in my calculator, 4 legal notepads, an entire eraser, and an entire jar of M&Ms that I stole from the dining hall. Continue reading


College Diary 15: Extremely Tired and Incredibly Sad

18 Dec

Finals week is well…finally over for me and I couldn’t be more grateful. The lack of blog posts over the week is the result of daily preparations for tests that can decide the fate of my GPA. Not that I’m particularly worried at this point. Still, I just needed a day or two to sleep after everything was done, hence the lack of posts yesterday. Anyway, I’m back to full capacity while Temi still has finals through next week.

It’s been a studious week for me; I don’t think I’ve studied as much before, give or take the AP Chemistry exam. I had three finals this week  and each were in their own way frustrating. Japanese required me to memorize six chapters worth of vocabulary an kanji characters, Economics required me to understand fully the ins and outs of aggregate supply and demand, and Calculus required me to know theorems and explaining crap. It was incredibly frustrating.

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College Diary #14: Last Night I Was Called A Bitch

5 Dec

Next week will be finals week and thus the end of first semester of college! Woo! I survived a whole semester of college! But before that, we have lots of projects and studying to be done. Also, there are some frustrations and misunderstandings that need to be addressed. Hence, the title of this week’s post.

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College Diary #13: My Adventures With Fanta, Monster, and A Leather Backpack

28 Nov

So this past week, America celebrated the joyous holiday dedicated to to giving thanks.  I would much rather prefer to call it the holiday where the United States makes joint steps to becoming obese because I ate so much this past weekend, it’s kind of ridiculous. *but that’s besides the point hehe* Continue reading

College Diary #12: The Week I Almost Lost My Fingers

20 Nov

I apologize for not writing anything this weekend. But there’s a reason not related to school at all behind it!

Well, coming off of that wonderful week I had two weeks ago (I scored a 98 on that Economics test! Yipee), this week, perhaps, puts me back down to Earth in terms of my misery to happy ratio here in college. It all started on Sunday:


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College Diary #11: The Death Week

13 Nov

Hi again! Sorry that I (Temi) have been virtually absent from DramaPop this past week. I have experienced what Clarence and I like to refer to as the “death week” Continue reading

College Diary #10: Thirsty Thursdays

6 Nov

This week was kind of a hell week for me. I had three tests; a paper; and lots of tutoring. I barely slept for more than 5 hours a night all week. Despite the amount of work I had, I decided to drink on Thursday.

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