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Where Did We Go? Part II

11 Feb

Hi Everyone!!

Sorry for the prolonged hiatus. But I  am back! *woot woot*

So where did I go?? Continue reading


College Diary #16 First Semester=Over

25 Dec

This past week was finals week aka death week. I am not exaggerating when I say I didn’t leave my dorm for 4 days straight. I ordered Chinese food every night and ate leftovers for every breakfast and lunch. Just to put my suffering in context, I went through 2 sets of AAA batteries in my calculator, 4 legal notepads, an entire eraser, and an entire jar of M&Ms that I stole from the dining hall. Continue reading

College Diary #13: My Adventures With Fanta, Monster, and A Leather Backpack

28 Nov

So this past week, America celebrated the joyous holiday dedicated to to giving thanks.  I would much rather prefer to call it the holiday where the United States makes joint steps to becoming obese because I ate so much this past weekend, it’s kind of ridiculous. *but that’s besides the point hehe* Continue reading

College Diary #11: The Death Week

13 Nov

Hi again! Sorry that I (Temi) have been virtually absent from DramaPop this past week. I have experienced what Clarence and I like to refer to as the “death week” Continue reading

College Diary #5-Friendships

2 Oct

Although academics and extra-curricular activities are really big parts of the college experience, another significant aspect is the people around you. After graduating from a small school where my entire class consisted of 74 people, Rutgers with its student population of 55,000+ was definitely a change of environment for me. Continue reading

College Diary #3- What College Has Taught Me In Three Weeks

18 Sep

So I was just sitting at my desk, writing my 7-10 page paper that is due on Tuesday, and I hear an ambulance pull up right outside my window. I peek outside and see people rushing inside my dorm, so naturally, I open my door to see what all the confusion is about. I am still unsure what exactly is going on (I heard somebody OD’d), but there are people sobbing hysterically, laughing hysterically, and some chick knocked out on the common room floor. The first thing college has taught me: Continue reading

College Diary #2: The Stormy Week

10 Sep

This is Clarence with my second edition of College Diary where Temi and I talk about our experiences on a weekly basis here in college!

This was such a rainy week. It was unusually rainy with 5 days of rain falling on the city and making every sidewalk and road muddy.

Barely three weeks here at school and I’m already experiencing some of the issues I was afraid of going through. Let me summarize what I’m talking about here:

One, the whole week I slept after 1 AM from all the reviews, studying, and working I’ve done.

Two, My Microeconomics Teacher DOES NOT TEACH

Three, relationship issues ALREADY with people around me.

Four, My job

Five, Homesickness

Six, Frat Parties

Continue reading

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