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Finals Week Preparations

10 Dec

Sorry for the lack of new posts this week. It’s a monstrous week for both of us with final exams commencing on Monday and papers and projects from every class keeping us busy. I’m afraid it might have to continue on like this for a while. Please understand


Clarence and Temi



Tuesday Top Ten: College School Supplies!

13 Sep

Welcome to Tuesday Top Ten! This is our weekly segment where we create a top-ten list of things that range from top movies to top stars to even top favorite foods! Everything and anything!

Both Temi and I have had siblings that have gone to college and has experienced the joys (or annoyance?) of buying school supplies. Since we weren’t completely aware of all the things we’d need, we kinda figured them out on our own. Continue reading

My Crazy Goals and How I Plan to Accomplish Them

8 Sep

So if you’ve read this blog, you probably have some inkling that I love Korean culture: its language, music, films, and dramas, as well as its history (which I plan to study soon!). However, there are many things I want to accomplish while I’m here in college and really I have this crazy goal of knowing 5 languages by the end of my senior year in college. Continue reading

Top Ten Tuesday Wednesday: Top 10 Freshman Worries

30 Aug

*Hey everyone! So this Top Ten Tuesday post is going to be a Top Ten Wednesday since I fail at figuring out how to schedule a post to be published in advance. My apologies and enjoy!*

1. Roommate

So as of right now, my roommate is yet to show up. She didn’t respond to my friend request or my Facebook message or my email, and I’m a little worried that she hates me already… Continue reading

College Roommate Crisis

4 Aug

Yesterday, during my routine stalking social interaction session on Facebook, I came across the page for the Rutgers Class of 2015. Here is a small sample of what I beheld.

Continue reading

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