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[Album Review] Big Bang – “Alive” (****)

28 Feb

*The format of this album review is going to be similar to that of the Wonder Girls album in that we (Temi and Clarence) will both write our color-coded reactions to the songs. Enjoy!*

Big Bang’s comeback has been making me antsy since I knew of it way back in the fall. I love Big Bang! They’re my favorite singers and rappers in the K-pop universe. So it’s astonishing that I remain as partial as I am now to their new releases. If anything, I have a higher standard for them because I know they’re capable of making astonishing and moving music. That said, their new album is by no means perfect but it is really good. However, I still have room to kvetch about the things in it.


  1. Intro (Alive)
  2. Blue
  3. Love Dust
  4. Bad Boy
  5. Ain’t No Fun
  6. Fantastic Baby
  7. Wings (Daesung Solo!!)

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Top Ten Tuesdays: Ten Big Bang Solo Material

28 Feb

Hee!!!! Obviously I’m squealing with delight over the new Big Bang album even if it’s considerably uneven compared to past work (more on that in the actual review) because Big Bang is my favorite group. Since Temi has already compiled a list of the Top 10 Big Bang songs in honor of their European Award back in the fall, I offer my ten favorite Big Bang solo material. While Big Bang is definitely a great five-member group, they also shine individually, meaning there is more for us fans to love. After that, I’ll give you my 10 favorite Big Bang songs.

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The List: Clarence’s Top 50 Songs of 2011 Part II: 21-50

6 Jan

Here to continue with my obsessive listing, I bring you #50 through #21 on my list of favorite songs of the year! We’re going to wrap the lists this week. So without further ado, here they are accompanied by short anecdotes on each track

50. Don’t Spray Perfume – Teen Top:

The lyrics are sexy and forbidding, the music is fun and bright, and the vocals are quite mature.

49. They Are Coming – Wheesung:

His last song before the military carries bittersweet undertones; He is a fantastic singer and lyricist.

48. One Last Cry – N-Train:

The new 4Men? Maybe. This song does well to showcase their very strong vocals. The music is sweet too.

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Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Songs That Got Me Through Finals Week

27 Dec

As most of you know, finals may be the most depressing time of a student’s life. While studying, I came to the realization that some songs just have that feel-good factor that really picks you up. I compiled a list of the songs I played the most during my finals week. Check out my top ten below! Continue reading

He’s Back!

2 Dec

Thank God it’s Friday indeed.

Big Bang’s Daesung has returned to the Korean entertainment industry after the car accident in the summer and his subsequent hiatus. He’s looking to shake things a bit with his foray into acting. His drama “What’s Up” premieres this month and teasers are aplenty all over the internet!

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Daesung’s Drama “What’s Up” Finally Gets An Airdate!!

1 Dec

I cannot describe how excited I am to here that the much anticipated drama “What’s Up” will be premiering this Saturday! After being put on hold for over a year, the teen performing arts drama will finally be aired. Continue reading

Looking Back: Family Outing

21 Nov

I’ve been meaning to write about one of the most entertaining variety shows that Korea has ever produced (to my limited knowledge, of course) and one that I still bear intense attachment to. I’m talking about Family Outing of course; that behemoth of a variety show that garnered enormous ratings back in its heyday, only to tumble down as the show gradually slipped in quality and viewership.

Why am I writing about this show? One; with Daesung’s recent emergence from his hiatus and Lee Hyori’s inability or reluctance to make new music, I’m feeling a little nostalgic about their brilliance on that show.

Two, Yoo Jae Suk is still as funny and as witty as he ever was on Running Man (and Kim Jong Kook is as delightful too!)

Three, I was just rewatching an episode of it.

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