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Daesung’s Drama “What’s Up” Finally Gets An Airdate!!

1 Dec

I cannot describe how excited I am to here that the much anticipated drama “What’s Up” will be premiering this Saturday! After being put on hold for over a year, the teen performing arts drama will finally be aired. Continue reading


My Favorite Scenes From Ep. 7 of Protect The Boss

29 Aug

Though long overdue, I thought it would be fun to write a short recap of my favorite scenes from my favorite episode of one of my favorite dramas EVER (and that would be Episode 7 of Protect the Boss)

*This isn’t going to be a complete recap, so I strongly recommend that you watch the episode in full* Continue reading

Han Ye Seul Is a No Show [UPDATED]

15 Aug

So I know that most rumors tend to be false. And I know that people (especially overly-passionate KDrama viewers) tend to blow some events out of proportion. But there is no denying that Han Ye Seul (currently starring as Myung Wol in the drama” Spy Myung Wol”) is being a wee bit irresponsible when it comes to showing up on set.

Continue reading

Jan Di: Why We Love To Hate Her

15 Aug

The world is still reeling from the global phenomenon known as Boys Over Flowers (also called Boys Before Flowers). In this 2009 KDrama, we experienced love at first sight (thank you, Gu Jun Pyo), adorable bromance (thank you F4), and of course, and awe-stricken disgust (and that would be you Geum Jan Di).

Continue reading

[Review] Protect the Boss

13 Aug

As you could probably tell from our posts here, here, and here, Clarence and I are very much on board of the Protect the Boss bus. In fact, we drive that bus. Though only 4 episodes in, the Wednesday-Thursday drama has been garnering a lot of attention for the remarkable chemistry between all four corners of the love square.

Continue reading

Is Psycho The New Black?

12 Aug

Gone are the days of ultra-perfect male leads. It is getting rarer and rarer to find KDramas whose main characters are even semi-normal. Not that I’m objecting or anything; I think it’s wonderful that it isn’t always the female lead who has some sort of abnormality. Continue reading

What I Like About “Myung Wol the Spy”

11 Aug

At the moment, I am completely captivated by the drama Myung Wol the Spy (also known as Spy Myung Wol). The tone is fresh and comical without being too slapstick or obvious. Continue reading

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