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[Review] Tablo-“Fever’s End Part II”

31 Oct

Check out the review of Part 1 here

Part 2 of Tablo’s debut solo album “Fever’s End” was released!

First of all, From YG’s past statement, I was expecting that this half of the album would have a slightly, I don’t know, happier tone. The songs were great, a bit strange at times, but definitely worth the listen. Continue reading


Lyrics To Tablo’s “Fever’s End”

22 Oct

So even though we already posted a review of Tablo’s new album “Fever’s End” here on DramaPop, I thought it would be fun for all the non Korean speakers to see the direct translations of the lyrics. Tablo is known for his emotional and poingent lyrics so take a look below! Continue reading

[Album Review] Fever’s End Part I-Tablo

21 Oct

Welcome Back Tablo! Who’s excited? I’m excited. Are you excited? You should be excited. Continue reading

Tablo Releases “Airbag”

13 Oct

AHHH he’s back!! After a super long hiatus of over 2 years, the leader of the hip-hop duo Epik High is set to make his debut as solo rapper under YG Entertainment. Continue reading

Tablo Signs 4-Year Contract with YG

3 Oct

I don’t think I could have been more taken by surprised if I had heard that SNSD had signed with YG. As the third KPop artist that I ever listened to, Epik High and its leader, Tablo have a special place in my heart. Continue reading

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