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[Album Review] f(x)-Electric Shock

14 Jun

We can all agree that f(x) is doing it big with Electric Shock. I already gave the typical album intro here so let’s go straight into the review!

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f(x) Releases Electric Shock Teasers

8 Jun

I have to admit that for the longest time, I wasn’t the biggest fan of f(x). After hearing Chu and La Cha Ta, I thought that they just sounded immature and annoying. Then, they released NU ABO and Danger, I found myself jamming to their music because it was Just. So. Catchy.  Continue reading

EXO:There Is Hope for KPop

5 Jan

So during my daily scouring of the web for kpop news, I came upon something that literally took my breath away. Continue reading

Amber and Henry’s Christmas Gift

24 Dec

So this morning, I stumbled upon an awesome clip of f(x)’s Amber and Super Junior-M’s Henry delevering a special Christmas gift to fans.

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Top 10 Tuesdays: K-Pop Entertainers Who Are Having a Great Year

6 Dec

It’s December and that means that we are going to start our year-end lists of everything! Starting this week, our TOP 10 Tuesdays might extend to week long lists of favorites that range from favorite drama scenes to favorite albums. So look forward to it!

Kicking it off is my list for the top 10 Artists who are having a great year. K-pop entertainers are the people who take the least amount of breaks among all artists in the world. They release new material on a seasonal basis which gives us plenty of opportunities to love and cherish them but at the same time get sick of them too. This list represents the people that, in my opinion, only improved their standing in the K-pop world this year.

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