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[Album Review] Leessang-Unplugged Part 2

1 Jun

Okay we’re back with Part 2 of the Leessang’s Unplugged Album Review! I’ve already written that opening paragraph thingy in the Part 1 of the review so you can read that here.

Onwards march! Continue reading


[Album Review] Leessang-Unplugged Part 1

29 May

After ten years of producing of great music, the hip hop legend, Leessang, is back with their brandy-new studio album, Unplugged! Continue reading

[Review Bites] Baek Ji Young and MC Sniper

17 May

So Clarence and I have been out for a while, and we’ve missed a whole lotta music and drama releases. Since it’s virtually impossible to blog about them all in depth, we’re going to post small Review Bites of music, dramas, and news that we found interesting.

First up: Baek Ji Young and MC Sniper! Continue reading

Top Ten Tuesdays: Top 10 Ten Songs Released In The Past Month

21 Feb

So you probably noticed that the writers here at DramaPop took an extended hiatus just to get adjusted to the new semester. Looking back, I realized I missed out on a whole buttload of great releases. Here are my top ten favorites:

Continue reading

[Review] Leessang-AsuRa BalBalTa

26 Aug


I couldn’t possibly be more excited! Leessang is one of those groups that I love to listen to, but sadly, they haven’t promoted any music for the past couple years.  Now on their seventh album, Leesang has been dominating charts with Asura Balbalta. Continue reading

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