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[Album Review] Girls’ Generation TTS – “Twinkle” (*****)

18 May

Girls’ Generation is, to say it gently, not my favorite group in K-pop. They, along with Super Junior, represent what I dislike about boy and girl groups. Sometimes, the group might be bloated with untalented girls and boys just because they fit a certain image. That is not to say that these people aren’t hardworking. It’s just that they are unnecessary fat that once trimmed might get to the tasty meat. With the first sub group of this aging band, Girls’ Generation did just that: trimmed the fat to the bare meat and bones of the group. This means that the three girls here represent the very best of the group. Taeyeon, Seohyun, and Tiffany are the most gifted singers and it shows here in this magnificent little album.

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[Review] SNSD – “The Boys” (***)

18 Oct

Girl’s Generation, arguably the biggest and most popular girl group in Korea and really much of Asia, is ready to conquer the charts again with their newest offering, “The Boys”, their third album. They’ve amassed a huge fanbase with their looks, talents, and their personalities. “Gee” may have catapulted the girls to superstardom but it’s their later singles, “Oh”, “Run Devil Run”, and “Hoot” that solidified their status. Each year, their styles have matured, becoming more chic, improving their singing, and produced better quality music. In short, they get fiercer and fiercer every year.

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SNSD Releases 2 More Teasers for “The Boys”

17 Oct

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SNSD Is Stepping Up Their Game

13 Oct

As you can see from one of our past posts, there are a LOT of girl groups set to comeback/debut this fall. Continue reading

Guess Who’s Back! Girl’s Generation!

12 Aug

Not long after I released the list of comebacks I’m anticipating the most for the latter half of 2011, the news came out that SNSD or Girl’s Generation, one of the biggest KPOP groups (in both size and popularity) and I couldn’t be more friggin’ excited! Weeeeee.

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2011 Comebacks I’m Dying to See

10 Aug

Since summer is almost done, I’m anticipating some major comebacks from Kpop stars that haven’t been back on the scene in a while. Earlier this year, we’ve been treated to comebacks from BIG BANG, DBSK, Super Junior, 2NE1, B2ST, FT Island, Miss A, CN Blue, Brian Joo and Hwanhee, Wheesung, 2PM, Jay Park, etc.

Although K-pop time seems to be warped (everything is faster, be gone for a year and it’s automatically a comeback) and promotions last about two months, the comebacks that I have here are merely rumors with some aspect of truth in them. Hopefully, these rumors are true.

Of course, there are more comebacks I’m anticipating by the end of the year, here are a list of some that I can’t wait to hear! Continue reading

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