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The List: Clarence’s Top 50 Songs of 2011 Part II: 21-50

6 Jan

Here to continue with my obsessive listing, I bring you #50 through #21 on my list of favorite songs of the year! We’re going to wrap the lists this week. So without further ado, here they are accompanied by short anecdotes on each track

50. Don’t Spray Perfume – Teen Top:

The lyrics are sexy and forbidding, the music is fun and bright, and the vocals are quite mature.

49. They Are Coming – Wheesung:

His last song before the military carries bittersweet undertones; He is a fantastic singer and lyricist.

48. One Last Cry – N-Train:

The new 4Men? Maybe. This song does well to showcase their very strong vocals. The music is sweet too.

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Top 10 Tuesdays: K-Pop Entertainers Who Are Having a Great Year

6 Dec

It’s December and that means that we are going to start our year-end lists of everything! Starting this week, our TOP 10 Tuesdays might extend to week long lists of favorites that range from favorite drama scenes to favorite albums. So look forward to it!

Kicking it off is my list for the top 10 Artists who are having a great year. K-pop entertainers are the people who take the least amount of breaks among all artists in the world. They release new material on a seasonal basis which gives us plenty of opportunities to love and cherish them but at the same time get sick of them too. This list represents the people that, in my opinion, only improved their standing in the K-pop world this year.

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[Album Review] Trouble Maker – First Mini Album (***)

30 Nov

Trouble Maker, a collaboration between 4minute’s HyunA and B2ST Hyunseung is such an exciting venture because they’re both experienced idols with interesting characteristics that I never pictured together. This project EP has so much hype because of their very nature and talent that it might be hard to live up to those high expectations.

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What if Korea Had VMA Awards?

30 Aug

Two nights ago, the Video Music Awards were held in Los Angeles with lots of music guests and tons of performances including tributes to Amy Winehouse and Britney Spears. I love award shows and we’ll be covering some of my favorites later in the year (Next up will be the Emmy Awards! Yay TV shows). Anyway, I’d love to imagine a Korean version of the Video Music Awards considering K-pop has better music videos nowadays. Although the year isn’t over, I’d like to make a list of the videos that were released between January and August.

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Top Ten Tuesdays: K-Pop Summer Songs 2011 Part 1

9 Aug

Welcome to Tuesday Top Ten! This is our weekly segment where we create a top-ten list of things that range from top movies to top stars to even top favorite foods! Everything and anything!

Welcome to the first installment of Top Ten Tuesdays! This week, I’m doing my top ten favorite songs of the summer. K-pop has one of the most consistently delicious summer songs simply because they’re all made for you to dance and scream. Here are the ten songs that made me dance the most during the hot times.

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