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The List: Best Supporting Actors

24 Dec

I think we can all agree that 2011 was an amazing year for dramas. This year, I have laughed, cried, yelled, faceplanted in front of my computer screen more than ever.

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[Series Review] Protect the Boss

29 Sep

Korean dramas are often very predictable with a happy ending almost always guaranteed for everyone. Yet somehow we’re expected to feel for these characters even though we all know what will happen in the end. Protect the Boss works that way. You know who will end up with who and what will happen at the end. Still, it manages to surprise audiences with the amount of comedy gold, heart, and unexpected joys that it manages to pack in every episode. It’s a rare treat to get such a cast of incredibly funny actors doing great work and the series writers’ give them plenty of good material to chew on too.

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[Review] JYJ – In Heaven (*****)

14 Sep

Ever since the, by now, legendary group DBSK broke up, there has been questions about whether either new entities could live up to the success and fame of the original 5-member group. The answer is, of course, yes they can. JYJ and TVXQ still attract the same huge following across Asia even when they’re split in two. Now it’s one thing to wonder whether the new groups can be successful and another to think about how good their music is.

Earlier this year, both entities released new material. I detested JYJ’s album, especially its messy lead single Ayyy Girl while I was absolutely floored by TVXQ’s efforts. With that said, both groups are releasing new material this fall and are preparing for round two. And so far, JYJ is impressing THE HECK out of me with this gorgeous release.

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My Favorite Scenes From Ep. 7 of Protect The Boss

29 Aug

Though long overdue, I thought it would be fun to write a short recap of my favorite scenes from my favorite episode of one of my favorite dramas EVER (and that would be Episode 7 of Protect the Boss)

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[Review] Protect the Boss

13 Aug

As you could probably tell from our posts here, here, and here, Clarence and I are very much on board of the Protect the Boss bus. In fact, we drive that bus. Though only 4 episodes in, the Wednesday-Thursday drama has been garnering a lot of attention for the remarkable chemistry between all four corners of the love square.

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Is Psycho The New Black?

12 Aug

Gone are the days of ultra-perfect male leads. It is getting rarer and rarer to find KDramas whose main characters are even semi-normal. Not that I’m objecting or anything; I think it’s wonderful that it isn’t always the female lead who has some sort of abnormality. Continue reading

“Genius Funny”

12 Aug

I have to say my love only grows more for Protect the Boss, currently my favorite drama airing. It’s just a blast of laugh-out-loud comedy mixed with a hint of drama that doesn’t take away from the jokes and laughter (if anything, the drama improves it). All the characters have all their quirks and weirdness that just brings a smile to my face. Even actresses I don’t like seem better here (Hwang Ji Hye, whose facial tics annoyed the hell out of me in Personal Taste, works wonders for comedy here. Maybe she’s meant for comedy instead of drama).

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