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The List: Clarence’s Top 20 Songs of 2011

7 Jan

Finally! Here’s the final list of songs for my top twenty. Each of this song, I can only offer nice words because they made my year of listening to music so darn good. I cherish each one of these songs for their virtues, the talents involved, and lastly their impact on me as a listener.  Last year, my favorite song was Super Junior’s addicting “Bonamana”. This year is a different story.

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JYJ vs. KBS; Why It’s Unfair

19 Oct

This has to be one of the silliest things I’ve ever heard. JYJ still cannot perform on music shows to promote their album because of the lawsuit that caused the break up of TVXQ. I think it’s unfair that KBS denied JYJ the right to perform their new material along with the other artists. This is especially stupid considering how well their latest album has done in Korea. These guys have lots of fans and I think KBS is doing a disservice to those fans by preventing JYJ to perform.

I know SM is a powerful group that certainly has pull within the music industry. However, for a public broadcast network to deny someone against SM the right to perform live is stunning.

Then again, JYJ doesn’t really need KBS or any other network to get their music heard. They have one of the most devoted fanbase in the world that helps sell tickets and albums.


[Review] JYJ – In Heaven (*****)

14 Sep

Ever since the, by now, legendary group DBSK broke up, there has been questions about whether either new entities could live up to the success and fame of the original 5-member group. The answer is, of course, yes they can. JYJ and TVXQ still attract the same huge following across Asia even when they’re split in two. Now it’s one thing to wonder whether the new groups can be successful and another to think about how good their music is.

Earlier this year, both entities released new material. I detested JYJ’s album, especially its messy lead single Ayyy Girl while I was absolutely floored by TVXQ’s efforts. With that said, both groups are releasing new material this fall and are preparing for round two. And so far, JYJ is impressing THE HECK out of me with this gorgeous release.

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[Review] Protect the Boss

13 Aug

As you could probably tell from our posts here, here, and here, Clarence and I are very much on board of the Protect the Boss bus. In fact, we drive that bus. Though only 4 episodes in, the Wednesday-Thursday drama has been garnering a lot of attention for the remarkable chemistry between all four corners of the love square.

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Junsu’s “Intoxication”

5 Aug

So the other day, I was notified via text that there was a YouTube performance that I absolutely had to see. Whipping out my handy dandy iPhone, I Googled the keywords “Jun Su”+”intoxication”. And this is what I found:

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