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[Review] Wonder Girls-Like Money ft. Akon

10 Jul

Alrighty, well the Wonder Girls are back with another US single, and I’m not quite sure whether it’s a good thing or a bad one. Continue reading


[Mini Review] Jo Kwon’s Big Debut

22 Jun

Hi guys! Sorry for the lack of posts recently. I’ve been mega busy with interviews and other fun things (i.e watching the entire Avatar: Legend of Korra series) for the past few weeks. But I’m back, so everyone rejoice! Continue reading

Wonder Girls Release “Like This” Teaser

1 Jun

Oh ok Wonder Girls, I see you. :p Continue reading

SuPearls Magic

24 May

Although I’m not really one for following Korean variety shows, an article about the finalists on K-Pop Star recently caught my attention. Continue reading

The Return Of Kkap Kwon + Kkap 2PM

17 Nov

I seriously love seeing all of this JYP Nation love. The boys of 2AM and 2PMdecided to reveal their own renditions of their lablemate’s new single Be My Baby. Continue reading

JYP To Open A Korean Restaurant in Manhattan

15 Oct

This is pretty cool, The man behind artist such as 2AM, 2PM, Miss A, the Wonder Girls, and 8Eight is now putting his efforts into the creation of an upscale Korean Barbecue restaurant named Kristalbelli. Continue reading

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