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The Lists 2012: Best Supporting Actress

10 Jan

Here’s my list of my favorite supporting performances by actresses this year!


Han Chae Ah is quite stunning as a foil then an unexpected troubled admirer of the hero in Gaksital. Lee Yoon Ji was remarkably wonderful playing up the troubled psyche of her character’s misfortunes in King 2 Hearts. Hong Soo Hyun was sexy, funny, and smart in History of the Salaryman. Shin So Yool embodied what it means to be a teenager going through the troughs of life in Answer Me 1997.

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The Drama Year So Far

7 Aug

Ah, this is my second year watching dramas (to think I only started last year!) and so far I’ve almost completed or completed thirteen dramas and less than halfway on at least two or three dramas. My goal this year is to watch at least 25 dramas this year and provide meaningful discussion about them. Thankfully, Dramabeans have been a huge help in separating the things I ought to watch and the things I should avoid. Hence, I’m not watching Dr. Jin or Operation Proposal because they’re both deemed terrible.

Since there are only so much hours in a day and only so much free time in a while, I obviously won’t and can’t watch all of the dramas that aired. My attention span for Korean dramas are much much shorter than my attention span for American shows since they’re two different things. Hence, I don’t watch shows that have more than (+ or -) 20 episodes. In other words, I’m only here to watch short-term dramas.

So this post here is to give you guys my brief (by my standards, at least) take on each of the dramas I’ve seen or I am currently watching. I have to leave some of my other analysis for my late-year listings and stuff.

I didn’t rate dramas where I’ve seen too few episodes to actually make a serious rating.

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What I Liked About I Need Romance 2012

23 Jun

If anyone watched the first season of I Need Romance, you would know that it was one of the most severely underrated shows in the KDrama scene. Although it wasn’t given much attention, the plot, acting, and all-round hilarious nature of the show attracted viewers worldwide. As you guys probably know, I love romantic-comedy KDramas, and I try to watch as many as possible. Continue reading

[Thespian Review] Kang Ji Hwan – Lie To Me

26 Aug

Apologies for missing last week’s Thespian Review. I was on the plane back from California.

Lie to Me is such a weird show. The main idea behind the story seems appetizing at first but the show doesn’t always do a good job of keeping us hooked to that story and somehow mangles the storyline until the show’s become hair-pulling bad.

Regardless of the show’s faults in the storyline, the main actors somehow survive from the mess of a story. Yoon Eun Hye is quite good at being the liar (more on her later) but for me, Lie to Me works most of the time because of Kang Ji Hwan.

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Best Friends in Korean Dramas

14 Aug

Every Korean Drama heroine has one of them–best friends who act as side kicks, often sassier than the lead, and always there to help the heroine through their troubles whether they loan some much needed money (because you know most of the lead girls are broke or poor) or kicking some ass.

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What I Like About Warrior Baek Dong-Soo

14 Aug

I’m planning on majoring in History while in college so it’s no surprise that I love history. I went to a high school called High School of American Studies after all. Also, I’m pretty sure I’m the only one in my family who enjoys watching History Channel (probably among the few in the country who does). So while watching Warrior Baek Dong-Soo, I looked forward to learning something about Korea’s history while enjoying some fierce fighting scenes and some gorgeous art design and lavish costumes.

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Series Review: My Name is Kim Sam Soon

13 Aug

I’ve never watched My Name Is Kim Sam Soon prior to this week and I’ve got to say, “damn”. That was really good. This hugely popular (reached more than 50% viewer ratings for the last episode and averaged about 37% throughout its whole run) series featured two of the biggest stars on Korean television, Kim Sun Ah and Hyun Bin. I recently decided to watch the whole series because of my current infatuation with Scent of a Woman and my recent viewing of Secret Garden and I wasn’t disappointed. In fact, I watched twelve episodes back to back of this incredibly hilarious and nuanced drama.

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