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Top Ten Tuesdays: Top Ten Ways You Know You’re a Korean Fanatic

4 Oct

I’m assuming that since you are reading this post right now, there is a high possibility that you are what we like to call a Korean Fanatic. Korean music, dramas, and culture all fascinate you and come to the realization that you are a wee bit obsessed. If you are still unsure of whether you fully fit the definition of a Korean Fanatic, check out the list below to verify. Continue reading


KPop Escapades: How I Managed To Get A KBS Concert Ticket

2 Oct

So I am sure most of you have heard of the KPop concert occurring on October 9th of this year. KBS is sponsoring a free concert to promote Korean culture here in New Jersey. Like most Kpop fans, I was super excited to hear that I would get a chance to see some of my favorite KPop stars live and for free. Continue reading

WTF of the Week: Heart2Heart

28 Sep

“Heart2Heart is a new American pop group. A five member boy band consisting of Chad Future (Leader), Nico, Pretty Boi Pete, Brayden and KX. Music Videos are Directed by Chad Future/David Lehre & All choreography is led by KX”…

Wait…what??? Continue reading

What if Korea Had VMA Awards?

30 Aug

Two nights ago, the Video Music Awards were held in Los Angeles with lots of music guests and tons of performances including tributes to Amy Winehouse and Britney Spears. I love award shows and we’ll be covering some of my favorites later in the year (Next up will be the Emmy Awards! Yay TV shows). Anyway, I’d love to imagine a Korean version of the Video Music Awards considering K-pop has better music videos nowadays. Although the year isn’t over, I’d like to make a list of the videos that were released between January and August.

Continue reading

College Roommate Crisis

4 Aug

Yesterday, during my routine stalking social interaction session on Facebook, I came across the page for the Rutgers Class of 2015. Here is a small sample of what I beheld.

Continue reading

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